Minneapolis Protests Turn Deadly In Wake Of George Floyd’s Death In Police Custody

I believe this protest as a group has been organized by CIA, Reptilian Criminal Agency to make people’s anger toward violence. Whenever or wherever large protest (including protest in Hong Kong) appears, the organized criminal syndicates appear to organize protest toward violence. The most of those violent protesters are the agents (you can say hired actors) from Reptilian agencies (including US military).

Trump wants to eliminate SNS in order to win the Presidential Election

For Trump and Republicans, SNS, especially Twitter, is blocking their way to win in the next election. There are so many anti-Trump or anti-Republican postings on Twitter. They want to shut down those SNS before the election so that Trump will have more advantage.

Trump tweeted “Mail-in Ballots are fraudulent”. Then Twitter warned “That is NOT the fact!”

For Trump and Republicans, it looks Mail-In Ballots are NOT good for them because they cannot steal, forged and even illegally printed out. If Republicans cannot do those things (they usually tamper every election by doing them), they cannot win this election. So basically, Trump reveled Republican’s tactics to win election by tampering ballots.

I know those Republican agents are staying in every voting place. They are the one who manage your ballots NOT be counted. Who carry those ballots? Who manage those ballots? Who is counting those ballots? Those machines to suck up your ballot in voting places are accurate or manipulated? But Mail-in ballots are treated in different way and by different people. Republican cannot very much tamper those Mail-in ballots.

I myself praise the Twitter’s decision to put the Fact Check on Trump’s Twitter because what he tweeted was completely wrong and misleading.

If Trump shuts down SNS including Twitter, HE WILL LOSE THE ELECTION because so many people are using them. That means he loses votes from those SNS users.