M 1.4 Explosion happened on Reptilian Property in Bend, Oregon


-1.3km depth? Bend has altitude 1.1km. So midair, surface or extremely shallow depth? I don’t know. But I guess that was midair but closed to surface explosion.

What was exploded? I don’t know, but I can easily imagine fireball kind of space weapon was used to damage Reptilian Secret Underground Base.

Look how big those Reptilians’ riverfront properties around the epicenter of explosion! Reptilians live in rural acreage. Human slaves live in a tiny properties in a city.


Turkey M6.7 Quake: Reptilian Secret Underground Base has been exploded and collapsed!


Again 10km just depth quake! 10km is the signature depth of Cleaning-up Operation on Reptilian Secret Underground Base led by Galactic Federation of Light.

Epicenter on Google Map


I’ve found a creepy Reptilian castle, Harput Castle in Elazig, not far from the epicenter. There is not much things to see on the surface except for the rock cliff along the fort.

But the most interesting things such as Reptilian City/Base are hiding in the underground.


People with deadly Corona Virus collapses at various places in Wuhan, China

I have to tell you this Coronavirus is used as bioweapon might be created by CDC, US Government.

The most of people believe diseases and viruses are naturally occurred. People do not look for the real enemy who have created bioweapons.

This is kind of bioweapon war against China by US Government and military = Illuminati Dark Forces.

What is US Government with CDC, CIA, NSA, all the military entities?

What is a war? Fighting with real enemy?

Illuminati insider witnessed that President Papa Bush talked and agreed with Saddam Hussein to have a war, “Iraq War”. Can you believe it? Then what is a war? Saddam Hussein was a real enemy of the US???

All the wars are about getting freshly caught young humans for cannibal Reptilians who own US Government. For them, wars can provide war business to make money, fresh human squeezed blood that they need to drink in order to keep their human figures and fresh human bodies as their food.

The truth is all the Governments on the Earth are criminal organizations. CDC lies people to do human experiments killing so many people. CIA is doing human trafficking and illegal drug trafficking. US military in Afghanistan are guarding OPIUM poppy field for drug business. But the most of sleeping people still believe Government is protecting them.

Back to the topic of Coronavirus Pandemic, the virus was left to the most strategic area, the big city of Wuhan! Wuhan is located the crossroads of major traffic and railroad systems. Wuhan is located in the center of China. Wuhan is the one of the biggest and populated industrial cities.

Can you imagine CDC agents or Chinese agents contracted with CDC visited and left Coronavirus in the busiest place in the big city, the City Market where ordinary people go shopping? How quick the virus can spread?

Wuhan is the crossroads of major traffic and railroad systems in China, and also there is a big International airport where people can fly directly to some other countries. I tell you CDC knows Wuhan is the best and strategic city in China to leave Coronavirus as bioweapon in order to spread the virus all over China and the world.

Following map: Wuhan is the center & crossroads of China, a strategic city. All the major traffic and railroad systems go through Wuhan from major cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu and Guangzhou.


But in this time of Karmic period, viruses created by CDC should kill all the evil agents in CDC & US Government.

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