Trump will be the 19th President of Republic of America on March 4th

Some Trump insiders are spreading information “Trump will be the 19th President of Republic of America.”

Have you heard “Republic of America”? That is not United States of America.

Where is Republic of America? Those Trumpists are saying Texas will be the capitol of Republic of America. They have been saying Texas will be an independent country, leaving from USA.

Recently, Texas has been under attacks. Texas had a week long arctic cold blast, explosion and many fires.

Why Biden cancelled Keystone Pipeline project might be because he needs to stop oil flow to Texas where can be an independent country.

Keystone Pipeline goes through Trump states.

May 21, 2021 Earth’s Ascension happens?

A homeless guy living underground space just beside busy railroad. He has electricity to use all the appliances he has in that small space. He eats rice & beans. He might be a Vegan.

He is saying “Jesus is coming on May 21, 2021.”

You might think it is absurd to believe what he is saying. He is just a homeless guy.

But I feel he is a special guy living free. He eats rice & beans just like a Vegan. He, as a light worker, had his mission and purpose to tell people “Jesus is coming on May 21, 2021” by appearing this video.

After December 21, 2020 passed without anything happening, I was so disappointed. Then around the beginning of January 2021, I received a message from Galactic Federation of Light “Ascension has been postponed for 6 months.” That means it might happen June 21, 2021, around summer solstice.

Then today, I run into this video that was made in October 2010. I saw this video around 2011, but I did not give attention to what he said.

Again, it might not happen anything on that day. We just don’t know. We have to wait and see.


After I finished this article, my computer was suddenly messed up. I had to reset my computer. It looks like the darkside does not like what I wrote.

One Week Arctic Cold Snap might have killed thousands of Reptilians

The most of Texas, the Reptilian’s stronghold, had power outage for several days! Thousands of Reptilians might have died.

As you know, Reptilians cannot regulate their body temperature as cold blooded creature. They cannot live in cold weather.

I have reported many Reptilian Secret Underground Bases have been destroyed by Galactic Federation of Light. That’s why the most of Reptilians are, now, living on the surface of Earth.

Especially, Texas is the stronghold of Reptilians. Reptilian population is concentrated in Texas. They thought they could survive with heaters, but this arctic cold air with power outage might have killed many of them.

Of course, this arctic air weather mess was a part of the cleaning up operation.

Village of Headhunting Reptilian Tribe has been burnt down next to Myanmar

400 year old village has been burnt down on Valentine Day of 2021. The villagers have been known as Headhunting Tribe. The village is located at the border of China and Myanmar.

There was no way to extinguish the fire. All the houses except for 3~4 houses have been burnt down. Of course, Galactic Federation of Light had cleaned up the Reptilian village for people’s safety.

Until just recently, the villagers have been headhunting, but now, Chinese government has prohibited killing for headhunting.

Headhunting is the tradition of this village. The villagers have believed that severed human heads bring fortunes to their village. They decorated those severed human heads at the entrance of their village.

Now, they decorate skulls of bulls instead of human skulls. In US, many Reptilians decorate their home with skulls. Both Reptilians in China and Reptilians in US share the same tradition.

The Collapse of Reptilian Secret Underground Base in Virginia

USGS reported as “Mine Collapse”, but no news about it!

All the mines and quarries are part of Reptilian Secret Underground Bases. This “Mine Collapse” should have been the collapse of Reptilian Secret Underground Base in Virginia.

The epicenter of the “Mine Collapse” on Google Map’15.6%22N+81%C2%B049’37.2%22W/@37.1522745,-81.826962,2717a,35y,38.69t/data=!3m1!1e3!4m5!3m4!1s0x0:0x0!8m2!3d37.171!4d-81.827

You can see so many wiggling roads around Reptilian Secret Underground Bases.

M7.1 Fukushima Earthquake with Blue Light Explosions

The Epicenter is about the same location as previous quake created huge tsunami in 2011.

Blue light explosions had been recorded at the time they had the quake. The blue light explosions are caused by Direct Energy Weapon of Galactic Federation of Light to clean up Reptilian Secret Underground Bases.

Massive power outages had been also reported not only Fukushima area but also around Tokyo.

Many water pipes in underground had been damaged. Water was coming out like water fountain from man holes.

It looked like the underground system (Reptilian Secret Underground Base) has been damaged a lot.

Just like North Korea: US Military has a Plan to take over all the media in US

US Military believe they are the Government to rule the US. US Military does NOT admit Biden Administration is the legitimate administration.

Therefore, Trump & US Military as Government operate separately from Biden Administration.

US Military is insisting that they have rounded up Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, and now they are under house arrest. (Is this some kind of joke? Have you see Joe, recently?)

And now, US Military wants to take over all media in US. According to Trump insider, at 6:30 PM on February 5th Friday, an emergency announcement will be made by US Military Government. That emergency announcement will be released by all the media. That announcement will be about US Military is going to take over all media in US. All the media including news papers, radio, TV will be taken over and ruled by US Military.

US Military has arrested many politicians including Biden and Harris on January 25th. (Unbelievable! But that’s their information is telling us! Have you seen Biden after January 25th in White House? He has signed many presidential orders in order to reverse Trump’s policies in White House.)

Many elites have been arrested. (That’s what they are talking about for a decade. Fiction writer, Benjamin Fulford has kept talking about “Bill Gates has been arrested.” But it looks like still Bill Gates is free!)

By March 4th, Trump will announce his new cabinet members.

White House has been blacked out for last 10 days.

That is the explanation from Trump Administration to their supporters.

Queen Elizabeth Insider: Military Coup failed on January 20th in US

One Queen Elizabeth insider told to some people “Military coup failed on January 20th, Inauguration Day”.

She said US Military had a plan for Military Coup on January 20th. There were 26,000 soldiers in and around the Capitol building. A special force were sent into the underground system around the Capitol building connecting to some other buildings in DC. They wanted arrest all the politicians staying in and under the Capitol building.

Those 26,000 soldiers were there for that arrest operation. They were surrounded the Capitol building by double formation so that nobody could escape. US Military prepared some tents to issue arrest warrants.

But nothing happened. Many Trump supporters knew military coup would happen on that day. Something wrong happen for the military coup. But US Military could not answer what really happened.

Pompeo, former Secretary of State notified to Trump supporters “Something wrong happened to the military coup.”

The US Military was surprised. Unexpected things happened to their military coup! The team of US Military was so shocked by seeing it.

So what really happened on January 20th, Inauguration Day? I’ve found another dot.

UFO in the Capitol building on January 19th?

Some Youtuber showed UFO was just beside the Capitol building on January 19th, one day before the Inauguration Day.

UFO (a spaceship of Galactic Federation of Light) was sending their special forces to protect the Capitol building so that Inauguration Ceremony could be finished without US Military coup.

US Military, an Reptilian entity, did not want to tell what was really happened on that day. They always keep all the failures as their secrets.

But US Military has not give up yet! They want to try Military Coup, again! That Military Coup has been planed and should be finished by March 4th. Another source said it will happen by the middle of April.

Trump sent secret documents to all the Republicans who betrayed him. I guess Trump & Epstein Child Sex Ring invited many politicians, especially politicians in Republican to have sex with under-aged girls (between 10 ~15 year old) and have videos and photos. Trump can intimidate those politicians who had a sex with under-aged girls by sending those photos to those politicians. If they don’t want their secret to leak, they are going to obey Trump (and Queen Elizabeth).

After Trump sent those secret photos and intimidation letter, 800 US Military top position people have started support Trump including some commanders.

There are 2 Governments in US. One is the Government with elected officials. Another Government is US Military.

Pentagon has refused to contact with Joe Biden, officially elected President. Pentagon has not admitted Joe Biden as their Chief Commander. Pentagon does even not allow Joe Biden to enter Pentagon building. Joe Biden cannot get any information including National Security from Pentagon.

There are 2 men controlling military actions. One is the top FEMA official appointed by Trump. Another is Christopher Charles Miller, Trump Loyalist.


Even though Biden replaces those people, US Military keeps obeying them.

Texas will be the state to govern US, instead of Washington DC.

That’s all the information from Queen Elizabeth insider.

I had a vision about Alabama Tornado in 2021

3 days before a tornado hit the north Birmingham, Alabama on January 26, 2021, I had a dream about a huge black tornado.

In my dream, I saw a huge black tornado coming toward my house. I showed that tornado to my 2 sons from the window, but they said they were not interested in that approaching tornado, and went back to their beds.

When the tornado came just in front of my house, it turned 90 degree to the right and started destroying my neighbor’s houses. I heard their terrible screaming.

After the tornado passed, I went out to see the damage. But strangely I could not see any damage. I saw only a beautiful scenery. That was my dream.

That dream indicated Alabama could get tornado hit?

Trump Administration wanted to kill people in Democrat states by Coronavirus

We know Trump downplayed Coronavirus pandemic and did almost nothing about it.

Trump insider is telling Trump Administration has estimated much more people in Democrat State (blue states) are dying by Coronavirus than in Republican State (red states). That was why Trump Administration did almost nothing to stop Coronavirus.