Explosion can be seen on Radar but No News about it

While I was looking for hot spots on College of DuPage radar, I’d found it looked like an explosion in Riverside County in California where 3 major wildfires are burning right now.

Suddenly, black smoke came out from area (Beltown?) beside I-215 highway.

Then the black smoke spread toward west.

Some other wildfires’ smoke are white moving toward Pacific Ocean, not black.

Then that black smoke moved South and dissipated.

I looked at Google Map around that location. There is a quarry and Solar Farm. Both are surface facilities of Reptilian Secret Underground Base.


There is another quarry just beside a huge suspicious vacant land.


There is also Springfellow Acid Pit, a Superfund site, a toxic waste dump. It used to be a rock quarry owned by James Springfellow.

All mines and quarries are construction sites and main entrances of Reptilian Secret Underground Bases.


Oak Quarry Golf Club on the map is also the surface facility of Reptilian Secret Underground Base.

My conclusion is this black smoke came out from Reptilian Secret Underground Base where had been attacked and exploded by Galactic Federation of Light.

I’ve found somebody has also found that explosion on the College of DuPage radar. He believes it was an eruption.





Trump Threatened and Intimidated Michigan’s Certification Process


Yesterday, Trump called Michigan’s Republican Senate Majority Leader and Michigan House Speaker to White House.

Trump asked them to overturn the result of Presidential Election in Michigan by selecting all Republican electors who will ignore the result of election and vote for Trump.

When those 2 key Republicans Trump invited to White House refused it, Trump started acting out by shouting and screaming at them.

Today those 2 key Republicans gave the following statement. Trump cannot overturn the result in Michigan by threats and intimidation.

Galactic Federation of Light burnt Reptilian Underground Base near Oklahoma City

Look at the watch tower beside a highway. A watch tower is always located right on Reptilian Secret Underground Base.


Day before yesterday, in Florence, Alabama, I saw the similar huge smoke spreading large area. Nobody knew where and what was burning. Probably, Reptilian Secret Underground Base had been burnt and melt by Galactic Federation of Light.

Today, we have hundreds of chemtrails in Northwest Alabama. The whole sky become white from blue. It looks like what Darkside can do is only spraying and contaminating our sky and air. They might be spraying biological agents such as Corona virus.

Alex Collier: How Universe can get rid of low density creatures such as Reptilians & Dracos

Alex Collier has revealed some messages and knowledge from Andromedans.

Universe has own way to get rid of low density creatures such as Reptilians and Dracos.

Universe is getting higher and higher density right now. Low density creatures are falling into a low density pocket. That pocket will be a sack at certain point. That low density sack will be moved to a dark density universe. Black Hole has that function. Right now, the nearest black hole is forming between Earth and Sirius.





Popping up hotspots on radar are appeared to be Reptilian Secret Underground Bases

Hotspots with extreme high temperature are appearing and disappearing on radar recently found by Dutchsinse. I also have started looking for hotspots everyday on College du Page radar.

I looked up 3 of those hotspots around Alabama, Georgia & South Carolina and found out those places were located Reptilian Secret Underground Bases.

First, I want to show you the hotspot in Georgia. There is the Industrial Air Park with huge solar farm. Both airport and solar farm are surface facilities of Reptilian Secret Underground Base.


The second hotspot I want to show you is one in South Carolina. Again, the location has Regional Airport that is the surface facility of Reptilian Secret Underground Base.

The third hotspot is next to Fort Benning Army Base where is located Georgia & Alabama border line. The hotspot is located Alabama side. Around there, there are multiple hotspots. One major hotspot is the following.


Here is industrial area with disturbed earth area of a quarry, the construction site and main entrance of Reptilian Secret Underground Base.

Galactic Federation of Light is burning and melting those Reptilian Secret Underground Bases with their Direct Energy Weapons.

Warning? M7.5 Earthquake in Arizona in my dream

2 days ago while I was dozing, I received a vision that TV screen showed Arizona map saying “M7.5 Earthquake”.

It was like this, but it was on Arizona map.

Is this a kind of revealing prophesy that M7.5 quake will happen in Arizona soon?

It looked the epicenter was North Arizona around Grand Canyon. It might be closer to Hoover Dam and Las Vegas.

TRUMP wants Civil War in US! He Fired not only Esper but also 3 Pentagon Key Officials.

Trump is now preparing for US Civil War by removing top key military officials who don’t listen Trump.


In these days, I saw military vehicles were transported on highways many times. That can explain Trump’s military action inside US is near. All the US military personnel is forced to sign on the military contract agreeing to kill people in US.

I don’t know how much military action Trump can take. But their time is limited until December 21, 2020 when 3D Earth will disappear.

Blossom Child who sold herself to Darkside is transmitting Darkside messages “There is a big announcement. Then quarantine is followed.” That should be the beginning of US Civil War created by Draco Trump. Reptilian Forces led by Trump are trying to make chaos in US.