JonBenét Murder Mystery: Patsy Ramsey wrote that ransom note

Why now I am so interested in JonBenét case that happened 25 years ago? It’s because this case is related to Epstein & Trump Pedophile ring that killed JonBenét.

Pedophile recruiter, Maxwell was just behind JonBenét on the following image.

25 years ago, JonBenét murder news was so spread, and everybody knew about it even in Japan. When I saw the image of ransom note and hand writing, I felt really strange because the hand writing was so unique that nobody could write the way of the hand writing on that ransom note. And what I was written looked quite childish. I knew Patsy, the mother of JonBenét wrote it.

Now, I looked up again and confirmed it was written by Patsy.

By the letter Patsy wrote, I can read her mental instability and psychopathic character. She could not write a line straight. She used her own daughter in order to be rich and famous by selling her daughter to Epstein Trump Pedophile ring. If JonBenét could still alive, she could have tell us all about Epstein Trump Pedophile activities.

The contents in the ransom note had some interesting sentences.

“We are small foreign faction” This represents the pedophile ring operating worldwide. Epstein Pedophile ring is British Royal Pedophile including Prince Andrew. Epstein had many places all over the world to have Pedophile parties including one in Paris.

These “two gentlemen watching over your daughter” represents two guys from that Pedophile Ring came to rape JonBenét in that night. They might be Epstein and Trump who accidentally chocked her too strong and killed her.

Other interesting evidences are the ransom note was written by the pen in Ramsey’s house, and a piece of draft of the ransom note had been found. That draft might have been written by somebody else, like 2 men who raped JonBenét that night.

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Retired Colorado detective received a mysterious phone call saying High Class Pedophile Ring killed JonBenét accidentally.

Retired Colorado Detective believes Epstein & Maxwell Pedophile ring killed JonBenét Ramsey

80% of the buildings in an eastern Washington town were destroyed during a Labor Day firestorm

Only properties of people with heavy karma have been burnt. All the trees surrounding those properties are intact!

(CNN)A small town in eastern Washington is in ruins after a fast-moving wildfire swept through Monday, and teams are still working to account for all residents, county officials said.About 80% of the homes and buildings in Malden, about 35 miles south of Spokane, have been completely destroyed, including the fire station, post office, city hall and library, the Whitman County Sheriff’s Office said in a news release. Homes in nearby Pine City were also damaged or destroyed, according to the sheriff’s office.

Affected area on Google Map,+WA/@47.2143133,-117.5047335,8717m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m5!3m4!1s0x549fb391062bbd8d:0x7e51e24f5917b04a!8m2!3d47.2287814!4d-117.4726928

Of course, there is a good reason to be burnt down. Galactic Federation of Light spared all the properties of good people.

Reptilians prefer to live live in own community in a remote village or town far from cities. They have own life completely different from humans’ including cannibalism.

Those areas are lawless area because laws are not applied to Reptilians, only apply to humans. Those areas are dangerous for humans to enter or stop. All the sheriff are also Reptilians. They will not help you. Reptilians might try to catch you for their dinner. They rape you or your children.

There are some reports that some humans entered and stopped those remote Reptilian villages and towns, and they were almost raped and killed. They also reported local sheriff were part of those criminal activities. So be careful when you drive some remote area. You might encounter those Reptilian villages or towns, and you might not able to get out there alive!

Joe Biden really owns Water Island next to the islands Epstein owned?

There are many fabricated lies from Trump side with Cyber Force he has created. Qanon, CIA, Cyber Force etc are releasing tons of FAKE information to brainwash people.

I accidentally run into the Youtube video saying “Joe Biden owns Water Island next to Epstein owned St. James Islands beside St Thomas US Virgin Island.” It sounds like Joe Biden is the next neighbor of Epstein visiting, molesting and raping children. I felt “Isn’t it true that Joe Biden is so super rich to own his private island next to Epstein owned islands?”

Then I’ve found this article.

Fact check: Joe Biden does not own island in the U.S. Virgin Islands

Posts circulating on Facebook make the primary claim that former Vice President and current presidential candidate Joe Biden owns a private island in the Caribbean next to Little St. James, the island owned by the late disgraced financier Jeffrey Epstein. This claim is false.  

Biden never owned land on Water Island. His past vacationing in the U.S. Virgin Islands (here) and his brother’s land deal likely serve as the source of this misinformation. 

This misinformation should come from TRUMP side in order to look like Biden is a part of the Epstein pedophilia group. It is amazing how Trump Administration try to manipulate everything including fabricating lies, defunding all the cities with Democrat Mayors, removing and disassembling 600 multi-million dollar sorting machines in US Postal Office.

Who is behind Trump? Trump has gotten 22 billion dollars from Rothschild before the previous election. Rothschild (=Illuminati) is directing Trump what he should do.

Trump Set To Burn America Down To Win 2020


Trump has encouraged his Republican voters to cast their vote twice. This is a criminal felony that might get 5 year in jail. He himself had committed a felony crime to recommend people vote twice.

Trump got 2 billion dollars from Rothschild’s Deutsche Bank to live. What I myself have gotten the information is Trump has gotten 22 billion dollars from Rothschild before the previous election. Trump is a puppet of Rothschild and Illuminati.

Trump has destroyed US Postal System by removed and disassembled 600 multi-million dollar machines that can sort millions of mails in order to disturb mail-in-votes.

Trump is defunding all the cities with Democratic Mayors so that those cities cannot function anymore. This is the attack against his political enemies, Democrats.

Retired Colorado Detective believes Epstein & Maxwell Pedophile ring killed JonBenét Ramsey

Maxwell behind JonBenét 

Colorado detective had received a mysterious telephone call about JonBenét murder case. A mystery man told him “JonBenét was accidentally killed by a high class pedophile ring that all the famous politicians, Hollywood stars and Royal families belong. She was killed accidentally while they were using garrote (choking torture tool). They did not mean to kill her.”

Colorado detective was told that JonBenét autopsy found that she had mark of taser gun on her skin. Therefore, those pedophiles were using taser and garrote to control her.

Image of garrote (torture tool to choke)

Colorado detective found the father of JonBenét and Maxwell are using the same lawyer, Laura Menninger in Colorado law firm Haddon, Morgan, Foreman is NOT a coincidence. This lawyer and the law firm are connected to this child pedophile ring with high society people (=Reptilians).

What I’ve gotten information about autopsy on JonBenét was her vagina was enlarged caused by adult intercourse. Trump loves to rape virgin girls. There is some possibility that Trump also might be involved her murder case.

Apprentice Staffer Noel Casler Dishes on Trump!

Highlight of what he saw while he was working on Apprentice:

Trump is a drug addict. He uses cocaine for his parties and adderall (stimulant) for daily life.

Trump pick girls from his Miss Universe pageant and his model agency. He line up all the girls and check their teeth and bodies. He even put his fingers into their mouth to check their teeth. After he pick girls up, he invites them to his penthouse to have sex party. He loves Ivanka looking girls.

Because of his bad eating habit, Trump has some intestine problem. He often shits on his pant, and he smells shit.

Trump has denture, and his breath smells bad. All the people standing beside him try to have some distance to avoid his shit smell and his bad breath.

Trump is the self-centered narcissist. If he gets the second term, it will be bad for this country. But Trump will do whatever he can to stay in power.