Shadow Government DHS is carrying out TRUMP’s agenda

Quanon (CIA?) is telling “Trump is draining a swamp, Deep State.”

What is Deep State? Quanon is telling us “Deep State is the organizations filled with lots of bad guys.”

But how about the shadow government, DHS (Department of Homeland Security)? DHS is governing not only the surface of the Earth but also their (Reptilians’) secret underground bases. Yes, you can say DHS is the Reptilian Government originated from underground.

Many so called Light Workers are supporting Trump and Quanon. If Trump is light side, the light side is spewing hatred through Trumps mouth. If so, the light side agrees Trump’s military spending 22 trillion dollars with aggressive war drum beatings even though astronomical number of people are without work and money because of Corona Pandemic.

Trump ordered DHS to detain many peacefully protesting young people in Portland. They put those young people into UNMARKED vans. So basically, they are abducting those young people to DHS secret underground base so that those Reptilians can get freshly squeezed blood and freshly harvested bodies and organs.

(CNN)The Department of Homeland Security, at the center of some of the administration’s most controversial and political actions from immigration restrictions to an aggressive response toprotests in Portland, Oregon, is mostly run by temporary officials, skirting the scrutiny that comes from putting leadership through confirmation.

The department’s leadership in acting positions has repeatedly found itself pursuing Trump’s agenda. In the last three years, DHS has rolled out some of the most stringent immigration policies, and most recently, deployed personnel to respond to protests, some of them violent, after George Floyd’s death — nearly all under leadership that hasn’t been confirmed by the Senate.

Fire breaks out at Nantes cathedral in western France

This incidence represents the END of Reptilian created Religions. Stop worshiping Satan and Devils. But the most of people believe what they are worshiping is GOD.

Stop going to a church on every Sunday!

Stop paying 10% of your income to Reptilian created religions!

Spend that money for yourself and your family.

Enjoy sleeping late on Sunday. Enjoy your whole Sunday for yourself and your family.

Giving your money, your energy and your time to those Evil Entities are really wasting and ruining your life. Free yourself from those Evil Religious Entities.