Japanese Trump Insider: Heavily Militarizing DC is for Military Coup in Inauguration Day


This channel also suggests the fence around White House have been bolted from outside so that Trump & US Military can round up all the Biden Administration & Democrats for Military Coup.

Trump supporting State of Texas has also sent 1,000 National Guard to DC. I have doubt that those 1,000 soldiers have been sent to DC for the Military Coup.


A Hero? Or Agent helping Insurrection?


Even though he led the mob away from the open Senate doors, he looked cooperating with the mob and Military coup.

After he escorted the mob to the certain area, theatrical photo shoots begun.

This photo shoot area was exactly where Goodman escorted them. They had a plan for this photo shoot in this area. That was why Goodman escorted those Trump militia models there.

What a professional photo job!

100% Police led Trump Militia into Capitol Building

It looks like one police officer got a “GO!” sign, and then he let know his police colleges and Trump Militia group the “GO!” sign received from US Military. Police officers started walking back to the building and let the militia mob inside the building.


Once the mob was inside, some individual agents received even a “Welcome Drink”, a bottle of water.

High Possibility: Trump & US Military will attack Biden’s Inauguration


According to Fox News, Trump will leave White House in the morning of January 20th, Inauguration Day. Then he will head to Joint Base Andrew.

Joint Base Andrew is US Air Force Base.

The reason Trump is heading to Joint Base Andrew is to attend his farewell party. But real reason we can imagine is, again, Trump will be staying the National Command Center in Joint Base Andrew in order to watch Military coup and blood bath during Biden’s Inauguration just like he was in the National Command Center in Dyess Air Force Base in Texas during Military coup in Capitol building on January 6th.

Fox News is also suggesting Military Coup and blood bath during Inauguration.


It is obvious US Military had active roles in Insurrection on January 6th. Many military agents were spotted including Emily Rainey, Army Psychological Warfare officer led more than 100 military agents into the Capitol building.

There are so many military agents of National Guard in the Capitol building. Is is possible that suddenly, they start killing all politicians inside the building by Trump & Military orders?

Right now, we cannot trust anybody. We feel we are surrounded by enemies. I’ve been surrounded by active and retired military agents for about 10 years since 2011. I know they can be really dangerous with guns and rifles. But Galactic Federation of Light has some scout ships over my head in order to protect me. Otherwise, I’ve been dead for years.

No politicians died during Insurrection because Galactic Federation of Light protected them from violence. But Trump & US Military plan was to kill all the politicians in the building so that they could get Trump Dictatorship without democracy with no Congress nor Senate.

More facts are appearing Capitol Attack

Federal investigators suspect some Capitol attackers had military training


The mob inside Capitol building were communicating with Military hand signs.

Unusual Tours In Capitol Ahead Of Trump Mob Attack Prompts Investigation


All tours in the Capitol building have been cancelled during COVID Pandemic, but one day before the Attack, there was an unusual tours inside building. That was reconnaissance tour for the Attack.

Army Psychological Warfare officer led more than 100 riot agents.

Her cap “Lions NOT sheep” is suggesting she is a Reptilian (predator), not a human (prey)?

Trump planning farewell event on inauguration day at Joint Base Andrews.


Howard Liebengood: Father of U.S. Capitol Police Officer Who “Committed Suicide” had close ties to Paul Manafort, Roger Stone


US Capitol Police officer, Howard Liebengood who “committed suicide”

Obviously, he was killed so that he could not leak information Trump & US Military don’t want investigators to know.

He is the one who directed and let military mob inside the Capitol building for Trump and US Military. They are worried he might speak the truth to the investigators.

Who is Howard S. Liebengood, Sr., the father of killed Capitol Police officer?

President Donald Trump pardoned his close confidants, Roger Stone and Paul Manafort, a couple days before Christmas 2020. The elder Liebengood has deep ties to both men.

Howard Liebengood, Sr. (born 1943), father of the cop who allegedly committed suicide, was Assistant Minority Counsel on the Senate Select Committee on Watergate in 1973. Coincidentally or otherwise, 26-year-old Hillary Rodham (Clinton) was on the equivalent committee in the House of Representatives at that time.

Hillary Rodham standing with John Doar, lead special counsel for the Nixon Impeachment process, 1974. Photo courtesy of David Hume Kennerly and Getty Images.

Liebengood Sr. went on to work as an aide and consultant for Senate Minority Leader Howard Baker, R-Tenn, from 1974-75. Baker was part of the powerful Church Committee, led by Democrat Frank Church. Walter Mondale and Barry Goldwater were two other prominent members of the committee that investigated abuses by the CIA. The findings of the Church Committee led to President Gerald Ford issuing Executive Order 11905, outlawing political assassinations by U.S.government.

Paul Manafort and Roger Stone

Lobbying firm Black, Manafort, Stone and Kelly was formed in 1980. It was the first political consulting firm to join the Ronald Reagan Presidential campaign, according to the New York Times. The firm was founded by Paul Manafort, Roger Stone and Charles R. Black, Jr. Meanwhile, Liebengood became the Republican Sergeant-at-Arms for the U.S. Senate in 1981. The Sergeant-at-Arms is the chief law enforcement officer for the Senate, with the power to arrest and jail anyone who, among other things, ignores subpoenas. He also supervised the Capitol Police.

Liebengood left his position in the Senate to become a lobbyist for the tobacco industry. He and lawyer Martin B. Gold founded lobbying firm Gold & Liebengood in 1984. Liebengood was forced to resign from the firm in 1987 due to conflicts of interests between the tobacco industry and the firm’s medical interests. But records indicate Liebengood was still heavily involved with the company thereafter. Meanwhile Gold & Liebengood merged with international PR firm Burson-Marsteller at the beginning of 1991. Burson-Marsteller had already acquired Black, Manafort, Stone, and Kelly. Liebengood was working as a lobbyist for big tobacco firm Phillip Morris since at least 1994.

U.S. Senator Fred Thompson, R-Tenn., hired Liebengood as his Chief of Staff in 2001. Thompson, a TV personality himself, made some interesting comments about Donald Trump running for President in 2011. When Thompson retired in 2003, Liebengood announced his retirement as well. But he came back to work as Chief of Staff for newly-appointed Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist, R-Tenn., shortly thereafter. Liebengood, Sr. retired again in December 2004 before he died in January 2005 at the age of 62.

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Trump Agent who Opened Pelosi’s laptop, FOUND DEAD in basement

He opened Pelosi’s laptop during Insurgence has been found dead being shot 8 times in his basement. Police ruled “suicide”.

Shot 8 times? They really wanted to kill him 100% so that he cannot leak the information they don’t want investigators to know.

He touched and opened Nancy Pelosi’s laptop that was stolen by US Military Special Force. He came earlier than the special force arrive to steal her laptop?

I am sure that Nancy Pelosi’s stolen computer and US Military Special Force are the keys for why he was killed.


His wife told cops she was searching for a gun? Isn’t it strange? Why she was searching for a gun?

Then police confiscated 2 semi-automatic SKS rifles. His wife was searching for a gun, and police took 2 automatic rifles? It doesn’t add up.

Look at the picture perfect house of this victim.

He was found dead in the basement, but his wife told police “There was blood everywhere.” If blood was only found in the basement, she could not say “everywhere“. “everywhere” means that his blood is all over the house. We can assume he was shot but managed to move around the house in order to escape from a gun man or gun men. But finally, he got fatal shots in the basement. Some news reported he was shot 8 times!

I am sure he would NOT commit a suicide for the small charge he might get.

They key reason why he was killed is that he witnessed a special forces (some intel saying US Army Delta Forces) got Nancy Pelosi’s computer. US Military wanted to kill him and shut his mouth before he had started talking about it to many people.