I spotted a handsome NYC physician Cameron Kyle-Sidell who is telling “This is NOT pneumonia, but more like high altitude sickness.” on ABC News

He does not have very much personal protective gears against Coronavirus. He does not have protective clothes nor even gloves.

He appears @0:38 on the following video. It looks like he keeps persuading what he thinks to his colleagues.

COVID-19 lung disease is NOT a pneumoniaRather, it appears as if some kind of viral-induced disease most resembling high altitude sickness.


“VENTILATORS may be causing the lung damage.”

Chemtrails: Are they spraying Coronavirus from sky?

Look at the following image. Some agent have a cap says “NANO”. He is hinting “nanoparticles”?

Recently, our sky has been filled with so many crisscross lines of heavy chemtrails. What are they spraying amid of Coronavirus Pandemic?

We have to ask ourselves “Is this really Coronavirus Pandemic or something else sprayed our sky?”

What are they spraying on us? Coronavirus or something else?

Those heavy Chemtrails are sprayed by US Air Force.

Yes, the real enemies of US Air Force is not really China, but us, US citizens.