Flood in South Japan killed at least 15. More than 15 people are still missing.

This bridge has been washed away by flood.

Large area has been flooded.

The flooded road became a river.

Flooded factory is burning.

Rescue is going on over a clinic.

This is the normal river without flood.

This is the same river after the flood.

This is the river without flood.

This is the same river after the flood. This bridge has been washed away by flood.

Many landslides happened. Some houses have been under the mud and debris. Some people are dead or missing.

Cars are upside down because of the flood.

14 people have been found dead in a nursing home.

GAMMA RAY BURST (Solar Flash) might happen on July 4th, Independence Day

On coming July 4th, all the planets in Solar System (except for Uranus and Neptune) will almost line up on one side of our Sun. All the planets Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto will line up. This Event is once in tens of thousands of years.

Solar System has been taken over by Reptilian Dark Forces tens of thousands years ago. Galactic Federation of Light has been waiting for a good chance to clean up and zap all the Reptilians in Solar System. Our Earth is the last stronghold for Reptilians.

This is the excellent chance for Galactic Federation of Light to zap all the planets lined up at once! Solar Flash, gamma-ray burst from the Sun is the best way to zap them at once.

The End is always the new beginning. This Event will be also Ascension. All the people on Earth will be sorted out by their spiritual levels and sent to the final destinations (different dimensions). People (only few percent of whole population) who can graduate 3D world and will be sent to 5D. But the most of people have to remain in 3D or even lower dimension depend on their karma.

Military COVID-19 Cases Spike 41% in June


COVID-19 cases in the military shot up more than 41% in June among service members, dependents and Defense Department civilians and contractors in what Pentagon officials said Wednesday was a reflection of the surge of the virus in hotspot states.

Among service members alone, the number of COVID-19 cases nearly doubled in June — from 6,396 on June 1 to 12,521 as of July 1, according to Defense Department figures.

Suddenly, Sun becomes active? Solar Flash on July 4th?

If Solar Flash occurs on July 4th, all the planets (Mercury, Venus, Earth with Moon, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto) line up on one side of Sun can be ZAPPED!

Just before July 4th, Independence day in US, when all the planets (except for Uranus and Neptune) of Solar System line up, and we will also have Blood Moon and Lunar Eclipse, our Sun has just started to be active in the middle of Grand Solar Minimum?

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Doomsday? July 4th 2020

This article was erased by US Spying Agency. They don’t want you to know about it!

USA represents the modern day Babylon. Now, with Trump, Draco Reptilian wants to dominate the Space by Force (Space Force he has created). The Bible has predicted the Last Day of Babylon. But when? Independence Day is the best day for its fall.

There is another rare celestial Event on July 4th in addition to the Blood Moon and the line up of all the planets of Solar System on one side as I’ve reported before.

Sirius Star System conjunction to Sun can also be a special celestial event on July 4th.

Sirius B is the star of Reptilians. I saw a Reptilian agent from Sirius B near Atlanta, Georgia. He was disguised as a black man. His car had a small sticker says “Sirius B” on his side window.

Argentina Volcanic Agency reported Unknown Plume

Buenos Aires Volcanic Agency has reported unknown plume in Argentina. I believe this is the plume from the destroyed Reptilian Secret Underground Base in Argentina. Who destroyed it? Of course, Galactic Federation of Light.

Dutchsinse used to report unknown plumes. Then he was targeted by FEMA as number one enemy. FEMA is the Reptilian Government from their secret underground bases including secret underground bases and tunnels just under Walmart.