Coronavirus Pandemic on Diamond Princess: Total 542 people infected!

Today, Japanese Government has found out that additional 88 people have been infected on Diamond Princess Cruise Ship docked in Yokohama. This brings total 542 people have been infected with Coronavirus on the cruise ship.

This proves Coronavirus is SUPER AIRBORNE disease spread through the contaminated air from the ventilators. The Coronavirus contaminated air is circulating on the ship. They are recycling the same air all the time. There is NO fresh air from the ventilation system on the ship.

As Japanese Government promised to the people on Diamond Princess, from tomorrow, 2500 people on board can land and enter Japan. The quarantine period, 2 weeks has been finished! But wait! Those people are NOT really infected? How about many people might be infected just now, just one hour ago or just yesterday?

I am sure that almost EVERYBODY on board is infected! The test result is not trustable because many of them might be infected after their specimen were taken to biolabs.

Those 2500 people might spread Coronavirus all over Japan. 2500 infected people can infect a million people in Japan by using public transportation.

Those 2500 people should be quarantined for additional 2 weeks in somewhere else! Otherwise, Coronavirus Pandemic will explode in Japan!

400 people on Diamond Princess are coming back to US with possible Coronavirus

400 people possibly infected with Coronavirus are coming back to US (Air Force Base in California and Texas).

They do not have any symptoms yet. But many of infected people do NOT have any symptoms, and still they are capable to transmit the virus to people.

They will be quarantined for ONLY 14 days! The longest Coronavirus incubation period is 23 days! Coronavirus Pandemic might be coming to US.