The Japanese Military Is Now Officially Tracking UFOs

Japan’s Defense Minister, Taro Kono, issued the instructions this week. According to NHK, the Self Defense Forces will make reports “…if anyone spots an unidentifiable object in the air that could affect the country’s defense and security.” The guidelines also urge “all-out efforts to take photos or videos of the object to carry out necessary analysis.”

This information is NOT from this article. On 6th floor of Basement of Department of Defense in Tokyo is connected to Reptilian Secret Underground Base according to the top officials.

Defense Secretary Mark Esper about Space

The video address is below.

Esper tries to avoid mentioning the threat from Galactic Federation of Light. Instead, he insists (= lies) the threat in space comes from China & Russia.

He emphasizes 4 points for the strategy for space.

First, strengthening Air Force, Space Force and Cyber Force. It is clear that recently, Cyber Force is controlling Internet so that the information they don’t want people to see are hidden or removed. This is the typical strategy for Dark Force to keep people in the Darkness.

Second, using AI to control the world and people. Esper emphasizes the importance of AI to dominate and control the society. He believes they have the superior AI technology.

Third, militarize 5G technology to control people and world. 5G network is for military advancement. 5G can control people’s mind and even health.

Fourth, cooperation of Military Industrial Complex to create affordable military killing machines.

CDC Director: Mask guarantees your protection. Vaccine does NOT.

CDC Director says wearing mask guarantees your protection with scientific evidence, but vaccine does NOT. That means the vaccines do not have very much scientific evidence to protect you.

Who is going to get that kind vaccine that might even harm your health?

The vaccine has been developed in order to genetically modify humans with MessengerRNA and CRISPR technology. After you get that shot, you are going to be GMO human robot.

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Vaccine for Coronavirus makes you a Biological Robot!

Trump gave Israel Prime Minister Netanyahu a key to White House

What this means? This symbolizes Israel can access White House to control? US Government has been financially supporting Israel Government. But this time, Israel has the right to get more share from US Government with Trump Administration.

Israel has been founded and established by Rothschild. Trump has been funded by Rothschild (He got $22 billion from Rothschild before the previous election). Yes, there is a strong connection between Israel and Trump Administration. Reptilian King, Rothschild is the ruler of US and Israel.

Canada: BC faces a pier fire, a train derailment, and 30 gondola crash

Westminster pier fire and Seattle Pier 58 collapse happened in the same day! Is this just coincidence?

Westminster pier fire in BC Canada

Seattle’s Pier 58 collapse

60 train cars pile up near Hope, BC

Sea to Sky Gondola cable was cut. 30 gondola fell to the ground and crashed.

Vandalism? I don’t think so. How many people and big machines needed to cut and steal the heavy metal cable and carry away? This area is a popular tourist area with Summit Lodge and famous suspension bridge. I bet at least several several employees and security guys are working all the time.

My guess is Galactic Federation of Light cut the cable because here has the dangerous Reptilian hideout. Many Reptilian Secret Mountain (of course, underground in caves) bases have gondola and cable cars.