Collapse of Reptilian Secret Underground Base/City in Siberia

Officials are saying this was caused by melting permafrost. But I believe here was Reptilian Secret Underground Base/City where was collapsed by Galactic Federation of Light.

It might be right that permafrost melted. But how? Naturally? Or some kind weapon warmed up this area so that permafrost melt and collapse?

The location on Google Map,134.6837543,14970m/data=!3m1!1e3

That Batagai mega slump is also called “Gateway to hell” and ‘Doorway to The Underworld’

This mega slump is located near strange city Ese-Khayya and Batagay with an airport. Wherever there is an airport, there is Reptilian Secret Underground Base just like Denver International Airport.

Just beside this mega slump, there is a mountain with some strange facility.