Suspicious plane crashed and burnt with Americans, Canadians, Filipinos medical staff and “Medical Supply”

This crashed and burnt chartered plane in Philippine was heading to Haneda Airport in Japan.

All 8 people on board, Americans, Canadians and Filipinos are dead. They were carrying “medical supply”.

I feel this burnt and crashed chartered plane carrying “medical supply” is really suspicious in the middle of Corona Pandemic. The plane was crashed because that “medical supply” (Bioweapon Coronavirus?) was for NOT for good reason.

I feel GOD prevented something they planned in Japan.

Manila, Philippines (CNN)A Tokyo-bound plane crashed while taking off from Ninoy Aquino International Airport in the Philippines capital city of Manila on Sunday, killing all eight on board, airport personnel told CNN.All passengers on board Lion Air Flight RPC 5880 died after the plane caught fire as it was taking off from the airport, according to Manila’s International Airport Authority.An American and Canadian were on board the flight, according to the flight’s passenger manifest. The other six on board were Filipino, according to the manifest.

The plane was reportedly carrying medical supplies, the Philippines News Agency said, adding that the plane caught fire on the runway.

Japanese 40 year old movie depicts Pandemic

Japanese title was “Resurrection Day”, but English title was “VIRUS”.

In the movie, a viral scientist explains “In the extreme low temperature, the virus is dormant. At -10C, the growth is increaseed by the factor of 100 times. At 0C, it grows horrendous rate and reaching the peak infectivity.”

This explanation can remind me that this Coronavirus can multiply by the factor of 1000 times.

Bioweapon Coronavirus can suddenly multiply more than 1000 times

In that movie, the virus started from Italy and called “Italian Flu”.

In this movie, the death rate of the virus is 45%!

Then it comes martial law!

Military carry all the dead bodies.

Military pile up those dead bodies and burn them. This scene remind me the suspicious fires in open places in Wuhan, China.

In this move, the virus is the bioweapon “MM-88”.