Psychopath Trump is making America weaker, sicker and poorer

His narcissism is psychopathic and beyond our understanding. He should be in a mental institution rather in White House.

40% of people will vote for Trump no matter what he does or says. That 40% people belong to Republican and other military related organization. They will vote for Republican rather than Trump. 20 ~30% of people do not belong to any organization. Those people’s votes are floating votes up to grab. But it is highly possible those people will NOT vote for Trump.

Many people around Trump Have Started to reject Trump’s orders

After more than 3 years together, many people around Trump are fed up with Trump’s dictatorship and narcissistic attitude. It is hard to cooperated with Trump’s childish temper tantrums.

Trump also has  grandiosityprideegotism, a lack of empathy, Machiavellianism with manipulation and exploitation of others, an absence of morality, unemotional callousness, and a higher level of self interest, antisocial behaviorimpulsivityselfishnesscallous and unemotional traits, and remorselessness.

Many people round Trump have started rejecting him after his popularity has started falling. Who likes to stay on the sinking ship? Many people feel urge to get out of sinking Trump’s ship caught on fire.

These 40% of Trump supporters belong to the Right Wing Organisations such as NRA (National Rifle Association). They will support Trump even he scratches his ass and smells his fingers in Press Conference or pees in front of people.

Cuomo is suggesting Trump is the one to create those riots and eliminate riots at the same time

Cuomo is suggesting those riots have been created by Trump Administration. At the same time, Trump is pretending he is a hero to quench these riots.

Those riots are just like 911 insider job terror attack. Bush Administration was the one planned, created and staged 911 attack. At the same time, Bush Administration pretended they were the one to catch those FAKE terrorists actually did not exist.

When this riot started in Minneapolis, Trump declared “This riot is done by Antifa!’ Just like 911, Bush blamed Islamist terrorists without proof.

What is Antifa? Antifa is Anti-Fascist group? It sounds like Trump Administration likes to beautify Fascist Military regime because Trump Administration is Military Fascist Government controlled by Military Industrial Complex. Trump Administration with CIA has created this group called Antifa.

Have you seen Antifa symbols are left everywhere vandalized.

Those vandalizing agents hired by Trump Administration and trained by US military are not interested in looting. They just keep destroying buildings and throwing molotov cocktails professionally.

In the conclusion, these riots have been planned and created by CIA and Trump Administration in order to control Trump’s popularity because the chaos can make people feared and feel to want strong (military fascist) Government rather than soft Democrats.

There might be another reason. They want to postpone the Presidential election until Trump can regain his popularity.