Coronavirus in Japan: 2 people died after got out of Diamond Pricess

Those 2 old people were on Diamond Princess.

One week after Diamond Princess docked in Yokohama, One of those infected people (87 year old Japanese man) started having fever and hospitalized. Several days after that, he needed a breathing machine to pump air into his lungs. Several days after that, suddenly his blood pressure dropped, and the next day, he died.

Coronavirus test shows positive on ONLY 40% of infected people

Do you believe the test result from a biolab? How are they trustable?

You might be surprised, but some specialist says the test results on Coronavirus infection show positive ONLY 40% of infected people.

According to Chinese Government, ONLY around 40% of Coronavirus infected people got the positive test results. The rest of 60% of infected people did not get positive test results even though they have obviously Coronavirus symptoms.

If this is true, the rest of 60% of Coronavirus infected people are free to roam wherever they want and keep spreading Coronavirus to even millions of people in Japan.

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