Amazon Fire set by Reptilians

All the images are taken from the video at the bottom of this page.

@ 4:21 on the following video, you can see the Reptilian Eyes of a Reptilian appointed by the President of Brasil for burning Amazon for clearing for ranchers.

@ 7:22, privileged Reptilian rancher’s Reptilian Eye Slit

This Amazon fire set by ranchers and land grabbers represents Reptilian philosophy

“My land is mine, your land is also mine.”

“My money is mine, your money is also mine.”

Reptilians feel they are entitled to own whatever they want. Reptilians feel they are entitled to do whatever they want for their own benefit.

Reptilians feel they are above the law. They are the ones who set the law only apply to humans (Of course, those law are not applied to Reptilians.)

Reptilian Rancher said

“We will preserve the Amazon. But we will preserve the Amazon for our needs. Not the needs of the world.”

They are invaders who suddenly came to invade the land of indigenous people. Those invaders killed the most of indigenous people. Then they claim the land for themselves.

In US history, when Reptilian invaders came from Europe, they killed 95% of native Indians in order to steal their land. Then they claimed those stolen land for themselves. Now, the same pattern repeats all over again in Brazil.

But their day will be over soon. Those Reptilians will be sent to a Prison Planet by Galactic Federation of Light. All humans enslaved by Reptilians (by their FAKE money system) are liberated soon.

Reptilians love ramen in Japan

All the images are taken from the video at the bottom of this page.

Less than 0.1 second, she showed her real Reptilian Eye.

Her right hand looks with Reptilian dino fingers.

Reptilians are given unlimited money from Government, or they can create FAKE money by putting any digits they want into their bank account. That’s their right on the AGREEMENT with Government. With the unlimited money they can get, they can travel all over the world and enjoy their life.

@ 3:04 on the following video, Ramen Youtuber eating ramen with his Reptilian Eye Slit

Reptilians meet in UN Security Council about North Korea

All the images are taken from the video at the bottom of this page.

@0:18 on the following video, look at the Reptilian guy’s right hand and fingers!

Probably, he was too excited talking to the girl with mini skirt. That was why he was shape-shifted his hand.

When you try to look for Reptilian’s Shape-shift, you need to slow down the Youtube video replay speed to 0.25 (4 times slower) and stop the video time to time for better observation.

@ 0:59, look at his eye ball! This eye ball reminds me the movie “They Live”.

Why US ambassador did not agree? Because, now, US Government has become a Rothschild Military Empire with a puppet Trump who received $20 billion from Rothschild before the election. And Kim Jong-un is also a puppet of Rothschild. He was invited by Rothschild to Switzerland to study for years.

Rothschild’s Reptilian Puppets

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Kim Jong-un‘s guard shape-shifted to Reptilian on the following video.

Big Reptilian Eye (red arrow) and long fangs (blue arrow)

Even Kim Jong-un himself Shape-Shifted to almost Nintendo Game Persona. By the way, some insider said “Most of the time, Kim is playing video games. He loves Nintendo games the best.”

Strange Ukrainian tie to US Government

Around 2014, when I went camping in Bandelier National Monument near Los Alamos National Laboratory where atomic bomb dropped to Japan was created, I noticed the economy around there was not good at all.

I expected thriving area because of Los Alamos National Laboratory (where is also notorious for the Alien underground base connected Dulce Alien Base) and high pay jobs from Government.

But what I found was there was NO customer in Chinese restaurant near Los Alamos National Laboratory.

I went to a grocery store in White Rock. It was small and dirty. Nothing looked fresh. I asked a young lady who looked very smart “Why the economy here looks so depressed?”, and what I heard from her was very interesting.

She said “US Government fired the most of the workers in Los Alamos National Laboratory last year and replaced by Ukrainians from Ukraine. Government called more than 3000 Ukrainians to work there.”

So US Government fired own people in this country and issued more than 3000 Working Visa too Ukrainians??? Isn’t that really weird??? Why???

There should be a strange tie and interest between Ukrainians and US Government. It must be demonic & Alien bond between Ukraine and US Government.

No wonder why the most of restaurants were empty. That area did not look thriving. Those foreign workers from Ukraine do not spend very much money. Unless they get citizenship, they don’t have interest buying a house either. For them, the life there is temporary. Save money as much as possible and go back to their country.

In addition, they had a bad FIRE within Los Alamos National Laboratory property in 2011.

Huge Fire Tornado right on Los Alamos National Laboratory property

Of course, this was not an ordinary wildfire. This was the Cleaning-up Operation on the Reptilian Secret Underground Base led by Galactic Federation of Light.

Guess WHO owns PG&E? Rothschild!

Trump has received eye popping $20 BILLION from Rothschild before the election.

After Trump won, the Rothschild Empire as the United States had been established.

Now Trump is busy draining “The Swamp with Rockefeller & Bush and Democrats” as their rivals.

Now, Rothschild want the US to be his Military Empire and expands Military Industrial Complex. Trump bragged “I injected $2.4 trillion into the Military.”

Blood thirsty Rothschild really wants WWIII.