Kanye West announced on Twitter he’s running for president, but it’s too late for him to appear on the ballot in 6 states

Trump’s black friend, Kanye West will help Trump to divide and steal some blacks’ votes from Joe Biden so that Trump can win.


Despite his tweet, the deadline to file as an independent has passed in six states and the deadline in seven others is approaching.

Kanye West with MAGA hat hugging Trump. At this time, he promised Trump to appear as a joker in the presidential election in order to steal some Democrats’ black votes so that Trump can win.

The Earth’s Core shutting down?

Right now, we have only 1/3 of volcanic activities than 2 years ago. This might indicates the Earth’s core is shutting down. The Earth’s core produces Magnetosphere. That’s why Magnetosphere is getting so weak now. 25% of Magnetosphere has already disappeared. Right now, we have only 75% Magnetosphere strength left.

Today’s Magnetosphere looks really weak!