Hurricane in Japan: Bridge with 3 cars Collapsed

I cannot find the image of the bridge collapse, but news reported there were 3 cars on that collapsed bridge. People in 2 cars were rescued, but 3 people in one car were not rescued and being missing.

Water fountain from a manhole. We can assume Reptilian Secret Underground Bases are also flooded, and many Reptilians are drowned.

Record Rain & Flood on the following video.

New Reporter’s Reptilian hand with claws. You can see @ 1:51 on the following video.

25 houses are damaged by a tornado.

Wildfire on Reptilian facilities and Secret Underground Base in L.A.

Reptilians Shape-Shiter (Look at her face and nose!) evacuating with her pet

At least a dozen of houses were burnt down.

Reptilians’ Expensive houses were burnt down.

This FIRE is NOT an ordinary wildfire. This is the part of the Cleaning-up Operation on Reptilian facilities and Underground base led by Galactic Federation of Light.

FIRE location on Google Map,-118.5414025,7372m/data=!3m1!1e3

Peter RoZe Foothills area has many kids of Reptilian facilities and Underground Bases.

The view of suspicious Reptilian Facilities

This is the entrance toward this suspicious facilities.,-118.5517586,3a,75y,343.02h,83.98t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1s2tm-J9fFD7ON_x-49tGg6A!2e0!7i16384!8i8192

There is a giant quarry and land fill as the part of Reptilian Secret Underground base.

Another Entrance toward Reptilian Facility and their Secret Underground Base.

It looks like the smoke coming out from their Underground base.

Reptilian Antenna Facility

Oak Tree Gun Club will be burnt down soon. Where Reptilian Secret Underground Base is where a gun club is. You can call this area is militarized area with militia.,-118.5359627,977m/data=!3m1!1e3

Trump dumps Kurds who fought against ISIS and lets Turkey genocide Kurds.

Kurds Reptilian Lady’s Reptilian Eye.

Trump has decided to let Turkish military to kill all the Kurds in Syria.

US Military use to give military arsenal to Kurds to let them fight against ISIS.

Kurds are the people without country. Kurdish population is the biggest one without own country on the Earth.

Kurds were told by US Government “You can occupy the land you take from ISIS.”

But now, Trump has decided to dump Kurds, and let Turkey kill them. The reason for this is Trump wants Turkey to buy more US made military arsenal and make more money. Turkey has been targeted Kurds as their enemies and nuisance for centuries. Turkish Prime Minister Erdoğan has wanted to genocide Kurds.

Therefore, Trump agreed with Erdoğan to withdraw US military from Syria so that Turkish military can genocide Kurds in Syria in exchange for the military trade deal.

This decision is from the War Creator and War Financier, Rothschild who financed both sides during WWII. Trump is just a puppet of Rothschild, who received $20 billion from Rothschild just before the election.

Reptilian Entities need constant wars because they need human youths and children to eat and drink freshly squeezed human blood. The War Zone is their FUN HUNTING ZONE to get human youths and children for their consumption.

Turkish Military entering Syria

Turkish Military is targeting Kurds’ houses for genocide.

Reptilian Erdogan Prime Minister of Turkey

Look at his Reptilian hand compare with human hand next to it!