Trump will stay in Power even he loses in next election

Trump will stay in power even if he loses in next election and Joe Biden is elected.

In Press Conference, a reporter asked him “Will you transfer the power to Joe Biden peacefully if Joe Biden wins?” Trump answered “I will discredit and disregard the result of the election. I will stay in power.”

Trump will be in Power whether he loses the election

Military high rank retired officers have the insider information US Military is now concerning about the high possibility Trump will be in power even after he loses the election. This content has been published on Defense One site.

The scenario Trump Administration is making is following.

Trump will ignore Joe Biden’s win in the election as FAKE NEWS.

Trump will remain in White House even after Presidential Inauguration Ceremony for Joe Biden on January 20, 2021.

Trump will be guarded by his private army (Green Reptilian Army). Only the way to get rid of him from White House is deployment of US Military. Either US Military gets rid of Trump while fighting against Trump’s Reptilian Army, or do nothing about it.

Then US Constitution will die completely, and Trump’s forever dictatorship will rampage not only in US but also in the world. It will be complete chaos with wars and massacres.

Reptilians working in NASA

Video Title: NASA Sees High Temperatures, Wildfires, Sea Ice Minimum Extent in Warming Arctic

It is so bad for Reptilians disguising as human using human hologram. Their human hologram has been often disturbed by waves of cosmic energy.

Look at the disturbance of human hologram of NASA scientist. Please notice ONLY her human hologram was disturbed, but nothing else was disturbed.

NASA is a Reptilian organization. The most of people work for NASA are Reptilians.

I believe their human hologram is something to do with Magnetosphere. Magnetosphere is the one protecting their human holograms from the waves of cosmic energy. But recently, Magnetosphere is getting weak and thinner. Sometimes, it is blown away by the waves of cosmic energy. That makes their human holograms dysfunction.

Today’s weak Magnetosphere

It’s cracked open so that the waves of cosmic energy can come in.

TAOISM | The Power of Letting Go

Art of Non-doing (Flow State)

We have tendency to try to control everything. Let universe and nature do your jobs. Just let yourself be on the flow.

Embracing the change

The most efficient way to living is simply moving along with the waves of existence. The flow of life and its transformations are inevitable. If you cling to the circumstances, you see life passing you by, including many opportunities for positive change. If you swim against the stream, you waste your energy.

Not focusing on outcomes

Focusing too much on the future makes us anxious. Your present endeavors become fueled by a desire for an uncontrollable result. Just focus on the present moment.

Jesus also said ““Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. ”

Now is the moment to focus and live.

Letting go of excess

The question you can ask yourself is: what do you truly need? If you aim for what you need, and let go of excess, you prevent possessions from becoming your prison cell, which allows you to travel light. The basic necessities for life are easy to come by, and that living moderately is the key to happiness.

M4.5 Los Angeles Quake and swarm

According to Dutchsinse, this quake might be over M5.0, but USGS down graded to M4.5 as always.

After M4.5, a swarm of small quakes has started in this small area.

The epicenter of M4.5 located just under “Jack in a box” restaurant beside Highway 60. Reptilian Secret Underground Bases exist under major highways on the surface.

Wherever Reptilian Secret Underground Bases exist, you can find shooting ranges in order to protect Reptilian area.

Golf courses are also the surface facilities of Reptilian Secret Underground Bases.

Pumping operation is just to get gas and oil? My guess is pumping operation to send some air into Reptilian Secret Underground Base.

Pumping operation just next to the shopping mall.

A huge electrical substation to send electricity to Reptilian Secret Underground Base.

All the major corporation buildings, county building and all the shopping area are connected to Reptilian Secret Underground Base just like 6th floor of basement of Department of Defense in Tokyo is connected to Reptilian Secret Underground Base. Reptilians are the ones operating all the governments and corporations.

People around this area felt strong jolt, violent shakes. These quakes are caused by the Cleaning-up Operation on Reptilian Secret Underground base led by Galactic Federation of Light.

Los Angeles is the well known place to have labyrinth of underground cities and tunnels.