8 Hours Later Trump left, Biden entered White House. Is it safe?


8 hours before Biden entered White House, Trump was there and left White House.

Is it safe for them to enter White House?

Are they sure there is no spy wares all over White House? Trump might have left tons of small spy wares everywhere in White House to spy on them. They might be hidden behind furniture, decoration, paintings and ceilings.

Are they sure that there is no boobie trap to kill them in White House?

Are they sure there is no assassins in White House staffer?

I hope within those 8 hours, specialists have inspected in White House. We know Trump might do whatever he can to get rid of them. Trump has killed many people (including 12 year old Maria whom he raped) by sending assassins

At least Trump left White House without Military Coup. That was great! But for a while, they have to watch out for US Military & militia group movements. Hopefully, many Republican politicians who helped the insurrection will be sent to prisons.

Pelosi demanded Miller, Secretary of Defense NOT to install Michael Ellis as General Counsel in NSA

Even one day before Trump is leaving from White House, Trump is installing his loyalist to the top of National Security Agency (NSA).

Pelosi demanded Miller, Secretary of Defense (Trump has appointed his loyalist, Miller after he fired Mark Esper.) NOT to install another Trump loyalist, Michael Ellis as General Counsel in NSA.

Why Pelosi is so frantic about appointment of Ellis as the top of NSA even though Biden Administration can replace him. The answer might be the security concern for these 1~2 days until Biden Administration can be functional.

Inauguration Day, tomorrow, Trump will leave White House to Joint Base Andrew Air Force Base in order to see how the military coup is going. There is a big possibility that those thousands of National Guards in DC can get order to kill President Biden and the rest of Democrats attending Inauguration Ceremony as military coup.


Trump urges his people to ‘pray’ for Biden Administration. Isn’t it weird? Trump is suggesting a terrible thing will happen to Biden Administration such as military coup?

Mitch McConnell was waiting for a signal for Insurrection on January 6

Japanese Trump Intel suggested during certifying the election result, Mitch McConnell was often looking back to see the signal for Insurrection so that he could escape and hide in a safe place. He knew Insurrection would happen on that day. Of course, not only Mitch MacConnell but also the rest of Republicans had been notified that Insurrection would happen on that day and were waiting for the signal so that they could escape to the safe place fast.

Japanese Trump Insider: Heavily Militarizing DC is for Military Coup in Inauguration Day


This channel also suggests the fence around White House have been bolted from outside so that Trump & US Military can round up all the Biden Administration & Democrats for Military Coup.

Trump supporting State of Texas has also sent 1,000 National Guard to DC. I have doubt that those 1,000 soldiers have been sent to DC for the Military Coup.