Project JUMP START: Inject nanochip Corona Vaccine

Interview with Jay Walker, CEO of Apiject Systems, whose company is in a $138 million public-private partnership with the White House called Project Jumpstart.

Their job is to innovate a way to deliver millions of vaccines to Americans fast using eyedrop technology, and potentially using RFID Chips on a voluntary basis to track vaccine use to aid public health officials during potential future outbreaks.

The tip of eyedrop style vaccine container (square with a label) has nanochip (the same as RFID chip) so that US Government can inject you nanochip into your body.

These nanochips have been developed by DARPA. These nanochips are nanotransistor, nanosemiconductor and nanosensor.

Once these are injected into your body, Government can take over and manipulate your body by sending commands to 5G tower that can broadcast those commands to nanochips inside your body.

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