COVID Vaccine: Nano-Robots in your bloodstream

Vaccinated people have now nano-transistors in their bloodstream.

Artificial Red Blood Cells & Artificial White Blood Cells are also available.

COVID vaccine has graphene hydrogel!

Vaccine for Coronavirus makes you a Biological Robot!

Graphene Hydrogel & Quantum Dot Vaccine Application is animal tagging. We are considered as animals in Global Governance System.

Anti-counterfeiting dyes and paints basically that is the patenting of a human being who has taken the mark of his owner.

The rulers (=Reptilians) want to use you as their personal computable (=programmable) robots by injecting graphene hydrogel as COVID vaccine.

Vaccinated people have now bionic devices including nano-transistors in living tissues connected directly to neurons so that those rulers (=Reptilians) can control them as their bionic slaves by sending their signals and commands from 5G towers.

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