“The Human Bomb”: Effects of mRNA “Vaccination” on Unvaccinated People


It has already been confirmed: the mRNA “vaccine” with synthetic spike protein + nanotechnological hydrogel, produces many cases of side effects on the female reproductive system, plus thousands of other cerebral, cardiac, neurological, neuromuscular effects, blood clots, thrombosis, thousands of deaths too, now that the “vaccination” has spread around the world.

‘Pandemic’ curves and statistics show that the number of people supposedly sick with ‘new variant covid’ (according to official propaganda) is exploding in all countries that have ‘vaccinated’ massively like Israel, Brazil, India , USA, Monaco, etc.

The list of side effects on the female and male reproductive systems is officially listed (for people who ARE “VACCINATED”) with only 1% of cases reported ( thetruedefender.com ).

“The Human Bomb”

According to US reports made in April 2021:

  • There are hundreds, even thousands of unvaccinated people reporting having “side effects” from the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines, but without themselves being vaccinated.
  • April 2021, United States: there are hundreds of women reporting having problems with bleeding, abnormal periods, miscarriages, other very serious effects.


We note on social networks, including Telegram (posts immediately censored) hundreds of testimonials from unvaccinated women, who claim to have side effects like those of the vaccine on their genital system, serious or extremely serious effects (huge periods, blood clots, AND miscarriages) but they ARE NOT VACCINATED. They state that they have just been in close contact with vaccinated people:

Quickly, American doctors are wondering how unvaccinated people could ‘catch’ side effects of the mRNA spike protein vaccine affecting the genital and reproductive system in particular, by just being ‘around’ vaccinated people, that is without direct sexual contact or otherwise.

Serious effects on the female genital system, now affecting hundreds of women, even girl children or menopausal women: blood discharge, heavy periods, clots, including in young girls, and miscarriages in the case of pregnant women. There are problems also for men with their genitals (unvaccinated men)

Indeed, reports have surfaced in recent days that people who have chosen NOT to receive the experimental COVID-19 injections, but have been exposed to those who have received them. These people suffer from what appears to be infections from these fully “vaccinated” people. This is mostly affecting women, who report menstruation problems, heavy bleeding, miscarriages and reduced breast milk.

A bombshell is coming out on Infowars and in reliable alternative medias in the US on what could be the POSSIBLE explanation for this ‘leak’ to the unvaccinated of “something,” (synthetic SPIKE PROTEIN injected?) (mRNA spike protein sars cov 2 coated in hydrogel NANO), which would be ‘communicated’ to unvaccinated people by vaccinated people) and proof of this is found in the PFIZER document:

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