Village of Headhunting Reptilian Tribe has been burnt down next to Myanmar

400 year old village has been burnt down on Valentine Day of 2021. The villagers have been known as Headhunting Tribe. The village is located at the border of China and Myanmar.

There was no way to extinguish the fire. All the houses except for 3~4 houses have been burnt down. Of course, Galactic Federation of Light had cleaned up the Reptilian village for people’s safety.

Until just recently, the villagers have been headhunting, but now, Chinese government has prohibited killing for headhunting.

Headhunting is the tradition of this village. The villagers have believed that severed human heads bring fortunes to their village. They decorated those severed human heads at the entrance of their village.

Now, they decorate skulls of bulls instead of human skulls. In US, many Reptilians decorate their home with skulls. Both Reptilians in China and Reptilians in US share the same tradition.

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