Queen Elizabeth Insider: Military Coup failed on January 20th in US

One Queen Elizabeth insider told to some people “Military coup failed on January 20th, Inauguration Day”.

She said US Military had a plan for Military Coup on January 20th. There were 26,000 soldiers in and around the Capitol building. A special force were sent into the underground system around the Capitol building connecting to some other buildings in DC. They wanted arrest all the politicians staying in and under the Capitol building.

Those 26,000 soldiers were there for that arrest operation. They were surrounded the Capitol building by double formation so that nobody could escape. US Military prepared some tents to issue arrest warrants.

But nothing happened. Many Trump supporters knew military coup would happen on that day. Something wrong happen for the military coup. But US Military could not answer what really happened.

Pompeo, former Secretary of State notified to Trump supporters “Something wrong happened to the military coup.”

The US Military was surprised. Unexpected things happened to their military coup! The team of US Military was so shocked by seeing it.

So what really happened on January 20th, Inauguration Day? I’ve found another dot.

UFO in the Capitol building on January 19th?

Some Youtuber showed UFO was just beside the Capitol building on January 19th, one day before the Inauguration Day.


UFO (a spaceship of Galactic Federation of Light) was sending their special forces to protect the Capitol building so that Inauguration Ceremony could be finished without US Military coup.

US Military, an Reptilian entity, did not want to tell what was really happened on that day. They always keep all the failures as their secrets.

But US Military has not give up yet! They want to try Military Coup, again! That Military Coup has been planed and should be finished by March 4th. Another source said it will happen by the middle of April.

Trump sent secret documents to all the Republicans who betrayed him. I guess Trump & Epstein Child Sex Ring invited many politicians, especially politicians in Republican to have sex with under-aged girls (between 10 ~15 year old) and have videos and photos. Trump can intimidate those politicians who had a sex with under-aged girls by sending those photos to those politicians. If they don’t want their secret to leak, they are going to obey Trump (and Queen Elizabeth).

After Trump sent those secret photos and intimidation letter, 800 US Military top position people have started support Trump including some commanders.

There are 2 Governments in US. One is the Government with elected officials. Another Government is US Military.

Pentagon has refused to contact with Joe Biden, officially elected President. Pentagon has not admitted Joe Biden as their Chief Commander. Pentagon does even not allow Joe Biden to enter Pentagon building. Joe Biden cannot get any information including National Security from Pentagon.

There are 2 men controlling military actions. One is the top FEMA official appointed by Trump. Another is Christopher Charles Miller, Trump Loyalist.


Even though Biden replaces those people, US Military keeps obeying them.

Texas will be the state to govern US, instead of Washington DC.

That’s all the information from Queen Elizabeth insider.

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