Another Security Officer who was killed during Insurgence also belong to US Air Force

He died with injury hit by a fire extinguisher.

On the net, there are some site to teach how to use a fire extinguisher as a weapon.

Another person was killed during Insurgence was also an Air Force veteran.

Make no mistake! A veteran does NOT mean they are completely off the duty of Air Force. Some orders are keep coming to them. Some of duties are like “Watch and spy some dangerous people”. Those dangerous people are designated as enemies against Reptilian Military agencies. I have been watched and surrounded by military agents since 2011 when Salusa of Galactic Federation of Light contacted me through telepathy communication, and I’ve started my blog in Japanese to spread information about 3D Matrix and Reptilians.

Those surrounding me are both active duty military agents and veterans with military cap on their head. So I’ve realized that veterans are still getting orders from military agencies.

So far, 2 of them who were killed during Insurgence belong to US Air Force. They must be ordered to work for US Air Force during that Insurgence. They must have orders to fulfill in Capital building. That order from US Air Force was “Kill all the politicians in that building!”

Now we should wonder what about the rest of those 3 people (1 woman & 2 men) who were killed during Insurgence? There is NO details and their pictures. Isn’t it strange?

During the insurgence, Trump stayed at the Operation room in National Command Center in Abilene, Texas watching how his military coup operation was going.

Where is National Command Center in Abilene, Texas?

It located the underground base just under Dyess Air Force Base.,-99.8478819,5210m/data=!3m1!1e3

So 2 Air Force man and woman were killed during Insurgence.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image-32.png

And Trump was watching Military coup on Jan. 6th in Dyess Air Force Base.

That suggest US Air Force is the creator and executioner of this Insurgence in Capitol building.

And I bet the rest of 3 people who died during Insurgence also belong to US Air Force as military coup agents.

I might have seen and talked to Ashli Babbit while I was shopping in ALDI in North Alabama. She was, of course, spying on me on that day as an agent. She told me she was working in Air Force in Colorado. She loved the nature of Colorado. But she did not like 10 month snow. She said she was really excited about newly created Space Force. It is NOT coincidence that she died by a bullet in her chest, exactly the same way her victims in Afghanistan and Iraq died. This is karma, the lesson she had to feel the pain of her victims.

Colorado has a huge Air Force Base around Colorado Springs. Colorado has also Cheyenne Mountain Complex, the biggest secret underground base in US.

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