Capitol Invasion had been made by TRUMP & US Military

Trump was watching insurgence in National Command Center in Abilene, Texas in January 6th. Yes, he was in the operation room in National Command Center, watching how their (Trump & US Military) insurgence operation was going on.

The most of Right Wing Militia were military agents from US Military. They just did not have their uniforms. But they were ordered to go there and made riot by US Military. Many of them were ordered to kill many politicians as many as possible so that Trump & US Military could make Trump Dictatorship without democracy.

First, they planned and prepared the military mob in order to support Vice President Pence who could reject the election outcome. But Pence rejected that role, and he opted to do his standard job abiding the Constitution.

Then TRUMP & US Military saw Pence did not work for them, they changed the tactics to kill many politicians as possible including Pence. The military agents were ordered to break into the capitol building and start killing.

But the first one was killed was a female military agent who belongs to US Air Force. She was shot her chest by a police. She was bleeding a lot from her mouth and pronounced dead in a hospital.

4 more people died including one police officer defending the capitol building and politicians.

It is miracle that there were not many victims. Galactic Federation of Light was protecting the people in that building.

It is obvious that US Military is not cooporating with Biden team. Biden complained “Department of Defense does not give me military information at all.” US Military wants Trump as a commander of chief.

This insurgence operation made by Trump & US Military asked some security officers to escort the military agent mob into their building.

This security officer was pretending defending himself, but he was actually escorting the military mob in the building.

Of course, without his escort, those assassins had hard time to know which way they should have gone even though they studied a map of the building.

Another video showed several police officers opened the gate so that the military mob could be coming in. So it was really organized military insurgence made by Trump and US Military.

Trump has NOT declared his defeat yet. He made a video saying “There will be a smooth transition on January 20th.” He did NOT say about Biden. “a smooth transition” might be the Military Coup in the Inauguration Day. They are planning to kill Biden and Harris in order to take over the US Government as Trump & Military Dictatorship.

What Qanon? Qanon has started COBRA first by Drake, a military person belong to US Military. Then they changed the name from COBRA to Qanon. Qanon is NOT a part of Galactic Federation of Light, of course. But they pretend they are the part of it. COBRA or Qanon is a part of US Military, Reptilian Organization spreading false information. They have started appearing on the web around 2011.

Many politicians have started talking about Trump Impeachment. It is better Trump can be removed from his office as soon as possible. Trump has a little more than 10 days left, but these 10 days including Inauguration Day are the most dangerous period.

Trump & US Military are planning to activate The Insurrection Act to order Martial Law. That’s why Trump made the video about the mob in that insurgence. “You are all criminals. You have to pay the price.” even though he said to the mob on January 6 “I love you. You are special. Please go home now.” Trump & US Military will take advantage of the insurgence in order to activate the Insurrection Act and 2nd lockdown all over US.

Now, there are many demagogues spreading “The insurgence was made by Antifa & BLM. The same people were seen in Antifa & BLM protests.” in order to activate the Insurrection Act.

Reptilian World Government Illuminati now wants Trump’s dictatorship rather than democracy to control the whole US. It is much easier to control US by a dictatorship. Then Trump will be the forever President in US until he dies.

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