So there was no overnight change on December 21. What’s next?

I guess many light workers had hoped to escape from this 3D money slave world ruled by Reptilian Authority, Illuminati World Government. But the change had not happened on that day.

On December 21, the Star Gate has been opened, and the Earth has entered to Age of Aquarius. The Intel of Galactic Federation of Light is saying “Actually, many things have been happening.” She has recommended me to check her site on Internet. Let’s see what is happening.

Michael Love, Pleiadian information is saying “Our Sun will explode within this year.” We have not finished this year yet so we had better watch out Supernova in our Solar System. We have still few more days left until the end of this year.

At least Kilauea & Mt Etna have been erupted on that day. Those eruptions are just like the celebration for entering the Age of Aquarius.

I myself expected nothing was happened on that day. After I felt betrayed about Ascension 2012 & NESARA (Sheldon Nidle said “NESARA money will be deposited into your bank account soon”, and then he has disappeared from Internet.), I have learnt not to expect very much from those information.

I’ve enjoyed 4 days at home without Internet. I have tried new Vegan recipes using my oven to heat up my house. I cut the hair of the every member of my family include myself during the holidays. It was not too bad. But I have little money left to survive for whole family. Everyday, I pray for the end of this nasty Money Slave System owned by Reptilian Authority, Illuminati.

Sign of Change? Magnetosphere is NOT around the Earth anymore.

No more protection from the Events might happen soon. Magnetosphere has also protected 3D Reptilian Matrix. Reptilians cannot keep their human masks anymore.

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