Stats of Space Debris during the Space War between Reptilian US Air Force VS Galactic Federation of Light

All the reasons except for Propulsion (for rocket launch) can be caused by Star Wars in Sublunar Space especially in Low Earth Orbit.

The peak time of space debris was between 2005 to 2010. I guess around these years, the war was intensified.

Around 1995, Reptilian Dark Force, Anchara Alliance has agreed Peace Deal with Galactic Federation of Light. Until then, there was a war between Anchara Alliance and Galactic Federation of Light. The space debris before 1995 might be caused by that Space War.

After Anchara Alliance left the Earth, only the Reptilian Hybrids have been left on Earth. They are the members of llluminati (Royal Families in the world). They are the ones who fight against Galactic Federation of Light around the Earth and Solar System. They could use all the vacated facilities (used by Anchara Alliance) including the bases of Moon, Mars, Moons of Saturn and Earth. And they had kept fighting against Galactic Federation of Light until now!

But Illuminati US Air Force, Space Force, NASA and SpaceX are all defeated by Galactic Federation of Light! Now, it’s a celebration time to welcome Ascension on December 21, 2020. 🎉🎉🎉

Reptilian US Air Force Command Ship, ATHENA has been destroyed! You cannot imagined how many Reptilian space soldiers died in those battles for years.

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