October 24th: Special Announcement and 2nd Lockdown worldwide

Darkside Illuminati, Reptilian World Government has a plan to announce something and order 2nd Lockdown worldwide on October 24!

Some darkside agent told me “Remember October 24th! Something big will happen!”

This can match the message from Blossom Child. She is saying that she is sending out the message from Galactic Federation of Light. But it looks like she sold herself to the darkside recently. Recent 1~2 years, I saw the most of Light Workers sold themselves to darkside for money! So basically, her message is from the darkside, NOT from Galactic Federation of Light.

Her recent message is “There is a big announcement followed by 2nd lockdown worldwide.” And this will happen before the Presidential Election.


This can match what the darkside agent told me about the event on October 24 before the Presidential Election.

What are they going to do? I can easily guess. The Reptilian World Government, Illuminati wants to round up all the people from Light side including me and you. The announcement is probably from Trump. “We are going to arrest all the bad people (Their bad people means people from the Light.) We are going to have a strict lockdown so that we can catch all the bad people!”

Trump & QANON are keep saying “We are going to round up all the bad people.” for years. But there is NO proof they are doing it. “Draining the swamp”? These information from darkside are all FAKE and LIE. They themselves are bad Reptilians. Bad people round up bad people? It just does not make sense.

But this time, they really want to round up all the people from Light side. But I tell you they can’t do it because Galactic Federation of Light will intervene. My guess is there might be big natural disaster events before October 24. After this Reptilian World is mauled by natural disasters, those Reptilians cannot do anything.

If Trump and Illuminati become so aggressive, this Reptilian World will end sooner than Reptilians expect. The Earth will be a rock where nobody can live after Super NOVA event. That event might be coming soon.

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