Reptilian Cave System Collapsing in Florida causing more than 76 sinkholes

Sinkhole is getting wider beside Varsity Club, a popular sports bar in Trinity, Pasco County in Florida.

NEW PORT RICHEY — Pasco County officials have shut down one lane of Little Road because of a nearby depression that had grown to 130 feet deep by Saturday afternoon.

Pasco Emergency Management officials said in a release that the depression was 46 feet wide and was extending close to Little Road. Earlier in the week, the depression caused the closure of the Varsity Club sports bar — which has since re-opened — and Spring Haven Boulevard.

Varsity Club Sports Bar on Google Map,-82.6672894,357m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m5!3m4!1s0x88c291433a18fa6f:0xd22b388045ead414!8m2!3d28.2089542!4d-82.6666399

So Varsity Club is just behind Walmart that has secret underground highspeed subway!

Around Pasco County in Florida, there are extensive Reptilian cave system collapsing that causing more than 76 sinkholes.

Geologists confirm warnings about Pasco depressions

HUDSON, Fla. – State geologists are warning Pasco County residents about dozens of depressions that have opened up in their neighborhood.

Late this summer, 76 depressions opened in the Willow Brook Court area of Hudson. A new report confirms the cave system that may be causing the problem may not be where residents believe, and that attempts to remediate the depressions may cause damage.

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