Trump shows his short of breath. This weekend will be the turning point.

After he removed his mask, he started breathing heavily while he was breathing through his open mouth.

Is this coincidence? The Youtube video’s address ends “DIE”.

His doctor said “If he is OK until next Monday, he will be OK.” That means around this weekend will be his turning point.

I am sure Trump has been infected with Coronavirus since last May when he has started taking antimalarial drug hydroxychloroquine. Trump said it was for prevention. But it did not make sense to take it if he was not infected. For sure, he was taking hydroxychloroquine in order to prevent having symptoms.

The problem is the Coronavirus in his body has been evolved and changed because of hydroxychloroquine, anti-viral medicine. Viruses can evolve so that they have immune to those anti-viral medicine. It is known that viruses are always evolving and changing in order to adopt the environment of the hosts. That means the Coronavirus in Trump’s body might evolved to SUPER virus that cannot be killed by anti-viral medicines. I call this Super virus, TRUMP virus.

Can you imagine this TRUMP virus is spreading not only staff and workers of White House but also military chiefs in Pentagon. TRUMP virus will destroy the function of White House & Pentagon.

Now, White House West Wing has been vacated and locked down. Only the workers to disinfect are working there.

The list of infected people in White House is expanding.

The list of infected Military chiefs is also expanding.

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