M4.5 Los Angeles Quake and swarm

According to Dutchsinse, this quake might be over M5.0, but USGS down graded to M4.5 as always.


After M4.5, a swarm of small quakes has started in this small area.

The epicenter of M4.5 located just under “Jack in a box” restaurant beside Highway 60. Reptilian Secret Underground Bases exist under major highways on the surface.

Wherever Reptilian Secret Underground Bases exist, you can find shooting ranges in order to protect Reptilian area.

Golf courses are also the surface facilities of Reptilian Secret Underground Bases.

Pumping operation is just to get gas and oil? My guess is pumping operation to send some air into Reptilian Secret Underground Base.

Pumping operation just next to the shopping mall.

A huge electrical substation to send electricity to Reptilian Secret Underground Base.

All the major corporation buildings, county building and all the shopping area are connected to Reptilian Secret Underground Base just like 6th floor of basement of Department of Defense in Tokyo is connected to Reptilian Secret Underground Base. Reptilians are the ones operating all the governments and corporations.

People around this area felt strong jolt, violent shakes. These quakes are caused by the Cleaning-up Operation on Reptilian Secret Underground base led by Galactic Federation of Light.

Los Angeles is the well known place to have labyrinth of underground cities and tunnels.

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