Canada: BC faces a pier fire, a train derailment, and 30 gondola crash

Westminster pier fire and Seattle Pier 58 collapse happened in the same day! Is this just coincidence?

Westminster pier fire in BC Canada

Seattle’s Pier 58 collapse

60 train cars pile up near Hope, BC

Sea to Sky Gondola cable was cut. 30 gondola fell to the ground and crashed.

Vandalism? I don’t think so. How many people and big machines needed to cut and steal the heavy metal cable and carry away? This area is a popular tourist area with Summit Lodge and famous suspension bridge. I bet at least several several employees and security guys are working all the time.

My guess is Galactic Federation of Light cut the cable because here has the dangerous Reptilian hideout. Many Reptilian Secret Mountain (of course, underground in caves) bases have gondola and cable cars.

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