Sumner, Washington on FIRE

Sumner is a quite big city with big population. There are so many houses where FIRE is burning.

The map of Evacuation order

Evacuation ordered area on Google Map,-122.1887683,17424m/data=!3m1!1e3

What can we find here? We can find many quarries. Quarries and mines are construction sites and main entrances to Reptilian Secret Underground Bases.

This FIRE area has huge Reptilian Secret Underground Base underneath. That’s why FIRE created by Direct Energy Weapon of Galactic Federation of Light is cleaning up this Reptilian infested area.

All the properties owned by people who are Light side are spared and intact.

BONNEY LAKE, Wash. – A wildfire that’s forced hundreds of evacuations in Pierce County has tripled in size since Tuesday morning and is threatening more homes. 

The Sumner Grade fire in the Bonney Lake-Sumner area has burned more than 150 acres and destroyed four homes, forcing more Level 3 (get out now) evacuations overnight. 

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