Apprentice Staffer Noel Casler Dishes on Trump!

Highlight of what he saw while he was working on Apprentice:

Trump is a drug addict. He uses cocaine for his parties and adderall (stimulant) for daily life.

Trump pick girls from his Miss Universe pageant and his model agency. He line up all the girls and check their teeth and bodies. He even put his fingers into their mouth to check their teeth. After he pick girls up, he invites them to his penthouse to have sex party. He loves Ivanka looking girls.

Because of his bad eating habit, Trump has some intestine problem. He often shits on his pant, and he smells shit.

Trump has denture, and his breath smells bad. All the people standing beside him try to have some distance to avoid his shit smell and his bad breath.

Trump is the self-centered narcissist. If he gets the second term, it will be bad for this country. But Trump will do whatever he can to stay in power.

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