Trump sent Militant agent Kyle Rittenhouse to kill protesters

Trump visited riot destroyed Kenosha. Trump went police station to admire police shot Jacob Blake 7 times.

Trump refused to blame Kyle Rittenhouse who killed 2 people in the riot. Of course, Rittenhouse is a part of “riot operation” Trump Administration is doing.

Trump tries to justify what Rittenhouse did. Trump insists Rittenhouse did “self-defense” otherwise he would have been killed.

This scene stats @3:17

It is obvious those 2 people killed by Rittenhouse did NOT have any kind of weapon. The first person shot by him approached Rittenhouse and tried to remove his rifles. He did not expect Rittenhouse pull the trigger. The second person shot by Rittenhouse approached him to blame his shot.

Kyle Rittenhouse was beside Trump in Iowa rally. That means he was VIP of Trump rally and involving in Trump Administration. That can suggest Trump Administration and CIA sent Kyle Rittenhouse in order to kill protesters with AK15 rifle.

Trump Administration is the one who is creating riots and sending militia to those cities with Democrat Mayors.

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