US Army Street Gang Activity Is Increasing

The most recent report from the Army on street and outlaw motorcycle gang activity in the ranks shows both trending upward, while incidents of domestic extremism remain roughly constant.

Military gang activity continues to be a headache of this society.

Do you know the most of Outlaw biker gangs are veterans? US Military organized those Outlaw groups to rule and dominate the dark-side world. That’s how US Government (=Illuminati Government) operates.

US Government is the one to creates and operates all sorts of gang groups and mafia organizations. By operating Outlaw gangs, Government can control the world. US military vets get their new mission after they retired from US military. They become Dark Side soldiers called gangs and still getting money from US Military.

Have ever wonder how those motor gangs can getting money to live? Those military vets are working as gangs for US military. Yes, gangs and mafia are important part of US military to dominate this world. Those military veteran gangs do all sorts of things including murder, extortion, prostitute business, drug trafficking and dealing, etc… Yes, those criminal businesses are part of US military operations.

As I mentioned many times, US Government & US Military are all criminal organizations.

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