Marine Amphibious Tank sunk. 1 dead, 8 missing

They were doing training using amphibious tanks that can be used both land and water. Suddenly, one of them sunk and killed on soldier and 8 more soldiers are missing.

For sure, they are doing this training to prepare for the war on China. But because of US Military’s accumulated karma, they will suffer lots of karmic incidences. US military killed tens of thousands of people all over the world. Karma will make US Military suffer this time.

The number of Military accidents in US will increase dramatically for next couple of months. Many soldiers will die even before the war on China.

Who will win this war is up to Galactic Federation of Light that will intervene this war and weapons. US military, the aggressor will get consequences and will be defeated.

Highly possible, Russia will join China to defend. Russia has Hypersonic Nuclear Missiles. So far, UFOs of Galactic Federation of Light (GFL) have intervened all the ICBM launch. But I am not sure GFL intervene Russia’s Nuclear Missile launch because of accumulated karma in US.

The most Americans are proud US dropped 2 atomic bombs to Japan. That kind of mentality can attract karmic lessons. If US needs karmic lessons, GFL might not intervene Russia’s Hypersonic Nuclear Missiles to US. Then American people will become the victims of nuclear weapons and will be the ones who tell how the war with nuclear weapons are terrible to the world.

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