Trump wants WWIII attacking China before his term has been terminated

Unpopular Presidents such as Trump and Bush resort making wars to raise their popularity. Creating a war is very popular policy in order to raise their approval rating. Many people love to see a war and slaughters. Many men excites to see violence and killings. Unfortunately, it is the truth.

Now, Trump Administration is busy creating war environment to attack China.

Trump has been attacking China saying “Coronavirus is China Virus.” even though US Military is the one who spread bioweapon, Coronavirus in Wuhan, China.

Now, it has turned out US is the one who has been suffering greatly with own bioweapon, Coronavirus because of the Law of Karma.

Now, Trump Administration has been creating “Chinese Hackers who have been stealing intellectual properties from US” to have more reason to evict Chinese Consulate from Huston, Texas.

Even the image of the face looks really FAKE!

Always, a war starts from FAKE REASONS! And stupid humans have always been tricked by Reptilian entities such as Trump Administration.

In this FAKE reason, Trump Administration has ordered to evict Chinese Consulate in Huston Texas.

I am sure more FAKE incidences and reasons to attack China are coming from Trump Administration.

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