Mt Rainier might erupt anytime? PNSN is hiding Mt. Rainier’s Seismograms.

PNSN (Pacific Northwest Seismic Network) is hiding Mt Rainier’s seismograms? You cannot see them if you go through Volcano Seismicity.

After you click Mount Rainier, you cannot find triangles of seismograms.

You cannot find triangles to click and view the seismograms.

If you click Mt. St. Helens or some other volcanoes, you can see them, but not on the map of Mt. Rainier.

But if you go through seismograms >>>Map, you can find them.

What is going on? PNSN is purposefully hiding them? They are expecting Mt Rainier to erupt soon? If you see seismograms around Mt. Rainier, recently, it is getting very active. Mt. Rainier might erupt any time soon.

This active seismogram reminds me Mt. St Helens seismogram just before its eruption. It looks its magma is boiling up and ready to erupt.

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