M 6.8 Quake Chili right on Reptilian Secret Underground Base


This area is uplifted.

The epicenter is surrounded by Reptilian facilities with Reptilian Secret Underground Complex.


Those Reptilian facilities are mines. Mines and quarries are main entrances and construction sites of Reptilian (=military) Secret Underground Bases/cities. Galactic Federation of Light destroyed these gigantic Reptilian Underground structures.

I am sure that Galactic Federation of Light burnt this mining structure.

The area around San Pedro de Atacama in Northern Chile is one of the top destinations in Chile, it is renowned for its stunning landscapes and breathtaking views of salt flats, colorful lagoons with flamingos, peaks, volcanoes, deserts & geysers.

Reptilian Secret Undersea Base has been also destroyed. All 3 quakes are Reptilian Secret Underground/Undersea Bases connected. Galactic Federation of Light has destroyed them all!


The following image shows all the Reptilian facilities along the shore.

This looks like it will be a part of their secret undersea base.

Along the shore, there are mining activities digging and expanding their underground/undersea bases.

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