Xenobots: Living Programmable Organism designed by Computer

Do you want to have Xenobots created by computer? It is programmable. That means once you have Xenobots in your body, they (=ruling class Reptilians) can control your body and mind.

This is Xonobots created by real organism and computer.

Xenobots can move the way they want in your body. They move circular motion.

What is amazing is Xenobots can do self-repair by growing to original shape. This remind me cannibal Giants used to have self-repairing function in the movie ‘Attack on Titan’.

Reptilian Agenda for Human Manipulation by Xenobots: “We can manipulate the pieces to get the behaviors we want.”

They insist they can use Xenobots in good way. But you cannot expect Illuminati World Government to do good for you.

What is their real objective for this Xenobots or Nanobots agenda? Of course, they want to manipulate human mind and body. How they might use these Xenobots? They can implant these Xenobots if you get vaccinated or some other shots. They can spray from the sky as Chemtrail so that somehow these Xenobots can get into your body.

Operation Warp Speed might have the objective to inject you Xenobots through vacccination. They do not need to tell you what’s inside their vaccines. They have already declared that vaccine has MessengerRNA to rewrite your DNA. So basically, we are going to be Genetically Modified Organism, not human anymore after the vaccination of Operation Warp Speed.

They are also using CRISPR technology in order to remove, add or rewrite your DNA. This technology is the exactly the same technology to create luminous cat added Jelly Fish DNA. What kind of DNA manipulation they want on you? They will never tell you.

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