Trump’s EPA defies California rules, says glyphosate in Monsanto’s Roundup is OK

As you know, Trump has done first is to destroy and control EPA (Environment Protection Agency). Since then, many people with righteousness have been fired.

Now, Trump is fighting against California Government to force Glyphosate Warning on food labels.

Glyphosate is the dangerous chemical used in Monsanto’s Roundup as weed killer. Monsanto also force farmers to use their GMO seeds & Roundup combination. This is the deadly combination.

Roundup = Monsanto is rounding up humans to deaths.

Monsanto is the leader of Human Depopulation Agenda. Trump is also the leader of Human Depopulation Agenda. Trump wants to protect Monsanto from California’s warning labels in foods.

Trump controlling EPA is ruling “Glyphosate cause cancer” warning on food labels” is misleading people.

But California Keeping Glyphosate Warning Rule Despite EPA’s Protest.

There are so many facts Trump is the leading man for human depopulation agenda. How people can be tricked by the misinformer, Qanon who is spreading misinformation “Trump is a hero to fight against Deep State.”?

Who is Quanon? I know Quanon is the fictitious person created by CIA in order to control stupid people’s mind. People need “a hero”! So CIA created Quanon to tell “Look! Trump is fighting against Deep State.” “He is draining the Swamp!” But I cannot find any proof that he is fighting against Illuminati. He is the leader of Illuminati to pursue their Human Depopulation Agenda.

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