Corona Pandemic in Italy caused by karma

Italy has the headquarter of the secret organization, Freemason. They have secret agenda, and they pursue their agenda by doing things secretly. “Anglo Saxon Mission Project”, that suggests the only survivors after this Pandemic are Anglo Saxon Whites, have been pursued by Upper Freemason.

Freemason in Italy has another depopulation agenda by spreading Chemtrails all over the world.

I saw the interview of an agent in US Air Force about spraying Chemtrails. That Air Force guy said “The only people who can adjust those Chemtrail machines on the US Air Force planes are ONLY Italians! Isn’t it strange?”

So many Darkside Italians, the members of Freemason, are busy doing something sinister for worldwide depopulation. But look now! They are the ones who are dying! I tell you this Coronavirus was started as bioweapons created in US, but now, this Coronavirus has becoming as the cleanser to remove those Darkside agents.

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