M5.7 Quake: Huge Reptilian Secret Underground Base near & under Salt Lake City International Airport has been attacked by Galactic Federation of Light


This is a typical shallow quake (Only 11.7 km depth) being attacked by Galactic Federation of Light.

Seismograph shows Explosion & Collapse kind of movement.

Moment Tensor shows the Collapse of Underground!

The epicenter of this quake on Google Map


This quake happened just beside Salt Lake City International Airport. As I mentioned many times before, any airport is the surface facility of Reptilian Secret Underground Base. The most famous one is Denver Intentional Airport.

I guess once I stopped at Salt Lake City International Airport just to change to another plane. It was big airport, and I could see the huge mountains from the windows.

Their religion, Mormon has been created by Draco Reptilians. Many people reported that the saw Draco Reptilians who look like dinosaurs with a tail in the basement of Mormon Temples.

Some people witnessed a head priest of Mormon was almost lynched by those Reptilians.

Therefore, we can assume the State of Utah has big population of Reptilians in underground.

These series of quakes around Salt Lake City are caused by the cleaning up operation on Reptilians Secret Underground City/Base led by Galactic Federation of Light.

Those Reptilians have been acting out just before the end of their world. Coronavirus Pandemic is their last Agenda to mess up the Earth.

There is a swarm of quakes around there. That means Reptilian Secret Underground City/Base have been attacked by Galactic Federation of Light. These are NOT after shocks.

The water of Tailings Pond is come from their Underground Base. They have to get rid of water from Underground where have some streams of water.

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