Chinese President Xi Jinping suspects US Military spread Wuhan Coronavirus

Chinese President Xi Jinping suspects US Military spread Wuhan Coronavirus and has ordered to find the origin of the virus.

It is getting popular on the Net “This Bioweapon Coronavirus has come from US!” Chinese Government reported “This virus (SARSCoV2) infects ONLY Asians and kills ONLY Asians.”

Spokesman in Chinese Foreign Ministry tweeted “US Military should be the one who brought this Bioweapon, Coronavirus! US Government should explain about it!”

You might not know it, but Chinese Intelligence has better ability for collecting information than CIA. Therefore, Chinese Government knows where that bioweapon has come from.

At the same time, the Coronavirus patent holder, Bill Gates resigned CEOs of Microsoft and US Multinational Conglomerate, Berkshire Hathaway. Do you think this is just coincidence? I tell you Bill Gates has started being afraid of Chinese Government and quit all the CEO positions that might give him more than $100 million a year. I am sure, now, he is hiding in Reptilian Secret Underground Base somewhere in US in order to escape from Chinese Government coming after him.

Bill Gates and Johns Hopkins had the Corona Pandemic simulation in last October when they spread the Bioweapon, Coronavirus. After the incubation and spreading period, the outbreak has emerged at the beginning of November in China.

Now, we wonder how US Military spread the Bioweapon, Coronavirus? Chinese Government has the answer. In last October, in Wuhan, China, there was Military World Games that US Military was participated in. At that time, US Military spread their Bioweapon, Coronavirus brought from US.

Chinese Government demands US Government for the explanation of US Bioweapon, Coronavirus spread in Wuhan, China.

US Government had this Agenda spreading Bioweapon in China for quite long time. US Government defines WWIII is the battle by using bombs of Bioweapons.

At the Right Wing CPAC Conference where even Trump attended, the Lieutenant General of Air Force said “Now, we are war on China in different form!” Yes, “different form” means spreading Coronavirus in China.

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