Why? Coronavirus Patent Holder Bill Gates resigned CEOs of Microsoft and Berkshire Hathaway amid of Corona Pandemic Worldwide

It is obvious that Bill Gates and Johns Hopkins University did Corona Pandemic Simulation in last October. I’m 100% sure that on the same day they did Corona Pandemic Simulation, they also spread Bill Gates (Bill Gates owned Pirbright Institue) patented Coronavirus in China, US’s enemy country. That can match the timing Coronavirus infection started appearing in China in the beginning of November after incubation period.

In the middle of Corona Pandemic worldwide, suddenly Bill Gates has decided to resign CEO of Microsoft and US Multinational Conglomerate, Berkshire Hathaway.

As you know, just being a CEO, you can get $30 millions per year at least. Why he quits such a lucrative positions???

Going underground to evacuate? He can still be CEOs while he is in Reptilian Secret Underground Base. He can communicate with phones and Internet.

Think about the timing! In the middle of Corona Pandemic! He has to hide or even disappeared forever from the surface of the Earth in order to avoid being arrested for spreading his patented Coronavirus in China and Iran!

Chinese Government has started accusing US Military is the one who spreading bioweapon, Coronavirus SARSCoV2 (= COVID-19). Chinese Government reported that virus ONLY infects and kills Asians.

US Military also spread different kind of Coronavirus, MERSCoV (Middle East respiratory syndrome) to Iran. After that, this Coronavirus spread to Italy and the rest of Europe. This MERSCoV can still infectious with 110 F (43C) degree. So when it gets warm, this virus can still spread. Basically, temperature is NOT the factor to slow down the infection.

Now, Bill Gates has started being afraid because Chinese Government is collecting all the information leading to his patent and his actions just before the Pandemic. Chinese Government might have better ability to collect information than CIA. Very soon, Chinese Government is coming after him. Before that, he quits all the CEO positions on the surface of the Earth and go Underground where he can still have luxurious life.

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