Coronavirus cases in US

Cases of novel coronavirus have been confirmed in 49 states as of Saturday, March 14.

Until yesterday, there was NO Corona Infection in Alabama. But today, there are 5 cases of Corona Infection in Alabama.

Basically, all states of USA have gotten infected with Coronavirus!

TOP 5 the most Corona infected states are

1. Washington 568 cases

Washington State is where Bill Gates, the father of this bioweapon has mansion for his family.

2. New York 524 cases

Whole Jewish Synagogue (Young Israel Synagogue) has been infected with Coronavirus in New Rochelle. The virus might be spread to many Jews living around New York. State of New York has big population of Jews.

3. California 243 cases

There is huge population of Asians. Big cities are so populated. Only 243 cases?

4. Massachusetts 123 cases

The state near New York. Many rich people who travel all over the world live in this area.

5. Colorado 77 cases

Money rich people who travel to overseas live in Colorado. There are some big military bases that can bring Coronavirus from overseas.

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