Corona Panic: State of Alabama closes all schools

Until Yesterday, there was NO Corona infection in Alabama. But now with several infected people found, State of Alabama behaves like the epicenter of Corona Pandemic. By next Wednesday, all the schools are going to be closed in Alabama.

I was surprised the reaction of State of Alabama to ONLY several Corona infected people who might not have serious symptoms!

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) – According to the Alabama Department of Public Health, There are now 6 confirmed cases of the coronavirus in Alabama. The cases have been confirmed out of the following counties:

  • Elmore
  • Jefferson
  • Limestone
  • Montgomery
  • Tuscaloosa

The nearest county with Corona Infection to my house is Limestone County, the west of Huntsville.

Still I am NOT scared. I have enough food for even a month just in case my area becomes quarantined. Today, I’ve checked my dry food such as bag of rice, pasta and beans. I have even enough toilet paper to wipe my ass for a month!

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