Chinese Government Spokesman tweeted “US Military spread Coroanvirus in China”

Spokesman in Chinese Foreign Ministry tweeted “US Military spread Coronavirus in China. US Government should explain about it!”

Some Japanese source information said “US Military had information about Coronavirus Outbreak long time ago. The most of American people had been evacuated from China by October last year. US military had been disinfecting their bases all around Asia just before Corona Pandemic.”

In Right Wing CPAC conference where Trump also attended, the top of US Air Force said “Now, we are war on China in different form.” Yes, “different form” means spreading bioweapon, Coronavirus.

In CPAC, they were talking “China is stealing US corporations’ technologies and assets.” The information from some Japanese source said “By this April, China is kicking out all the US corporations from China.” And another information said “China banned Chinese money to be exchanged to US dollars.” That means US corporations cannot bring their assets and money in China to US. Their assets and money are stuck in China. That can make US Government enough angry to spread Coronavirus in China.

China reports the first case of Coronavirus found was around beginning of November. That can match that Bill Gates and Johns Hopkins University had started simulation of Corona Pandemic in October when they spread Coronavirus in China. If Coronavirus was spread in China in October when their Corona Pandemic simulation had started, after incubation and spreading period, Corona Outbreak could start around the beginning of November.

I strongly believe US Government has the responsibility for this Corona Pandemic. They owe the explanation about it to all the people in the world. Due to the Law of Karma, Coronavirus has now come back to White House where the Coronavirus spreading decision had been made.

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