A lady in 40s suddenly collapsed in Florence Library in Alabama

I did not see how the lady (African American) around 40s collapsed face down. But right now, she is on the floor with her face down. There are some police officers and emergency workers came with an ambulance surrounding her. It looks like she can talk, but she cannot move at all.

All the people surrounding her do not have any protective clothes or gear except for thin disposable gloves.

2 weeks ago, I saw a black guy in 40s saying “I cannot move.” then he collapsed on the floor and could not move at the entrance of the same library. An ambulance took him to a hospital.

I feel this Coronavirus is right here in Florence, Alabama where Government’s statistics shows “no Corona infection”.

2 people collapse within 2 weeks in the same library? The lady today collapsed with her face down. That means she could not control her body at all when she collapsed. This is really scary situation!

The emergency room in the newly built hospital is full. It’s parking is full! Many of those people might have Coronavirus. Even this countryside in Alabama might get lockdown soon. I had better prepare for some extra food for more than 2 week lockdown.

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