USA Corona Agenda: 480,000 deaths they want!

What I feel dangerous is the testing for Coronavirus. US Government is pushing people to get Coronavirus tests. I told you many times that this Coronavirus tests are NOT accurate at all.

Chinese Government reported ONLY 40% of Corona infected people got “Positive” on the tests. The rest of 60% of infected people got “Negative” on the tests.

What I am worry about is US Government in Agenda21 might use these tests in order to put us into FEMA Camps all over the US. Yes, once you are tested, they might give you the FAKE results in order to send you to FEMA Camp with millions of plastic coffins and incinerators.

I recommend NOT going to hospitals or clinics for being sick. You might be sent to those FEMA Camps by FAKE results US Government makes.

Anyway, hospitals are the most dangerous places to get any kids of bacteria and viruses. Human Experiment such as Chemotherapy with mustard gas injection are rampant. We had better heal ourselves. Our body has immune system to fight off Coronavirus unless our immune system is compromised.

What we have to know is we cannot trust Government, Doctors and hospitals. They are the part of the Agenda21.

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