Coronavirus suddenly is called “Anti Semitism Virus” in New York

After Coronavirus infected the Rabbi in Young Israel Synagogue, Coronavirus has started being called “Anti Semitism Virus”.

New Rochelle, the rich area where Young Israel Synagogue has been located become on lockdown. Many of Jews living in this area feel “This lockdown is Anti Semetism.” Many Jews feel offended and take this matter really personal.

Jews started commenting on Youtube “This is really Anti Semitism!”

It is natural those money rich Jews are infected with Coronavirus because they travel often overseas by planes and cruise ships.

Of course, they have secret Agendas they will not tell you. They are the ones manipulating the world secretly. They have been created by Reptilians in order to control humans on the Earth. They called themselves “Lulu”, mixed race in Sumer.

Rabbi Abraham Finkelstein talks about their truth that they abduct hundreds of thousands of human children for Blood Letting for Pass Over. He is saying this is NOT the secret. “Just Stupid Humans don’t want to believe it!” Those Jews need human blood to drink in order to keep their human figures.

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