Trump: Keep America Great with Coronavirus

After Trump made China Great Again by spreading Coronavirus, he wants “Keep America Great with Coronavirus”.

After Trump did handshakes with possible Coronavirus infected law makers, he keep refusing to be tested for Coronavirus infection. During press conference, he keep flying his saliva as far as he can while answering the questions.

The Coronavirus Outbreak in Washington DC has started in CPAC conference where US Right Wing people gathered including Trump. After the conference, Trump flew with those possible infected lawmakers on Air Force One.

During CPAC Conference, they announced “Now, we are WAR on China in different form!” Yes, “different form”. That suggests US spread the Bioweapon, Coronavirus in China. That is the “different form” of WAR on China.

In CPAC Conference, those US Right Wing organizations including Republican, US Military and US Military Industrial Complex were talking about “China is stealing US corporations’ technologies and assets.”

There is some information (Japanese source) says Chinese Government will kick out all the US corporations from China. The most of Americans have already gotten out of China by last October. Chinese Government has prohibited to exchange from Chinese money to US dollars. That means US corporation cannot bring those assets and money in China to US. That have enough reason to make US angry to retaliate by spreading Bioweapon, Coronavirus in China.

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