Jewish Synagogue is the center of the Largest Coronavirus Infection Cluster in New York

The Rabbi in Young Israel Synagogue has been infected with Coronavirus in New Rochelle. Many Jews congregated in that synagogue might be also infected with Coronavirus. So far, 106 Corona cases have been identified.

Coronavirus Home Coming to US where originally Coronavirus has been created as Bioweapon is interesting.

It looks like Coronavirus knows where to appear and infect such as around White House and Jewish Synagogues.

Is this Karma or Retaliation from those targeted countries such as China or Iran? We should know there is always chance to get retaliation if US Government attacks on those countries with Bioweapons.

But I feel this is more like Karmic incidences. Karma is coming back just like a boomerang right now. They try to kill people means they try to kill themselves.

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