US War on China continues!: A quarantine Hotel Collapse in China

Lieutenant General of US Air Force said ” We are WAR on China in different form.” in CPAC (American Conservative Union) conference. CPAC is basically, US Military & Millitants and US Military Industrial Complex related Organization.

What is “War in different form? Of course, this war is not conventional war. This US attacks are very subtle so that people do not realize the war is going on between US and China.

Instead of using tanks and machine guns, US is using bioweapon, Coronavirus SARS-CoV in China. And of course, the collapse of a hotel used as a quarantine facility was the part of US attack on China. Just before the collapse, people heard the EXPLOSION noise. So basically, US exploded that building as the act of war on China.

You might wonder how US can manipulate those acts of wars in China? I can tell you how. US is always use and train minorities in any countries US want to manipulate. US can make organizations against any governments in the world. Many dictators in the third world countries have been trained in US military such as West Point before they are sent back to their countries as dictators. Emperor Hirohito was trained in West Point just before WWII so that US could manipulate Japan through US trained Emperor Hirohito. So WWII was not really war at all! It was Illuminati’s “war game”.

It is easy to attack on some other countries subtly and secretly. US Government just need to get minorities or somebody against China and train them in US and send back to China.

There is no US military base in China, but US can create and utilize some organizations against China such as People’s Liberation Army. Sounds familiar? US Government/Illuminati love to use the word “Liberation Army” just like Syrian Liberation Army. So from now on, if you see “—- Liberation Army”, you know those liberation armies are created by US Government. “Liberation” sounds good, isn’t it? Those Liberation Armies liberate people? But actually, those Liberation Armies are formed by Cannibal Reptilians!

Probably, you have seen that the head of Syrian Liberation Army took out heart from enemy just killed. Then he ate it! This Youtube video was spread all over the world. John McCain was the one who had connection with this heart eating guy and manipulated Syrian Liberation Army in order to destroy Syrian regime. Yes, Top of US Military and Syrian Liberation Army members are all Cannibal Reptilians!

Why they want wars? It’s because they want fresh human blood and human flesh from those war zones. Yes, war zones are the buffets Reptilians can eat humans as much as they want. Those war zones are the hunting grounds for Reptilians to hunt humans legally.

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