Lieutenant General in US Air Force admits “Now, US is War on China!”

What do you think? Corona Pandemic in China is coincidence? Actually in CPAC meeting, US military General admits “We are war on China, right now in different form.” Yes, he is suggesting US military is attacking China by using Bioweapon, Coronavirus.

US Government insists “China is stealing technologies and assets from US corporations.” For the retaliation, US Government spread Bioweapon, Coronavirus in Wuhan, China.

CPAC (American Conservative Union) targets China as US’s enemy, and they had a conference to talk about China as their enemy.

You think War is just like in Syria where is bombed and destroyed by all sorts of heavy weapons. But the most of wars initiated by US are more subtle by using bioweapons such as Coronavirus and Earthquake weapons such as HAARP.

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