Bill Gates owned Pirbright Institute’s Coronavirus Patent

I had better copy and paste of this Coronavirus Patent contents before they remove from the net. What they want to hide is this Coronavirus has been created by Bill Gates Biolab, Pirbright Institute in US and spread in China as Bioweapon to make chaos in China, the enemy country of US.

Click to access EP3172319B1.pdf

Here, I want you to see the words “Bioengineered Avian Coronavirus Infectious bronchitis virus”. This word expression can explain what Coronavirus really is!

This Coronavirus patent application mostly explained that they needed to create Coronavirus in order to create vaccines. And they explained mostly about birds’ coronavirus. It is because they don’t want people to find out they are creating BIOWEAPON, Coronavirus.

But look! I’ve found the key sentences here. There are 2 kinds of Coronavirus, one for Asia (China) and another for Middle East (Iran). There was NO COINCIDENCE that 2 US enemy countries, China and Iran got Corona Pandemic.

Many people were wondering the Coronavirus in China is the same one in Iran? And this is the answer. Bioweapon, Coronavirus in China is SARS-CoV. Bioweapon, Coronavirus in Iran is MERS-CoV (Middle East respiratory syndrome). Yes, Bill Gates had prepared 2 kinds of Coronavirus, SARS-CoV for killing Chinese, and MERS-CoV for killing Middle Easterners, especially Iranians.

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