3 COVID-19 Cases As Described By Doctors In China

The following Youtube video reports 3 Coronavirus cases in China. How they have been died or cured.

All the cases have the common thing that is immune deficiency syndrome caused by 4 HIV genome inserts on this SARS like Coronavirus created by Bill Gates biolab.

Because of Immune deficiency syndrome, they were infected by bacteria living in hospitals. If we have normal immune system, our body can fight off those bacteria.

AIDS have symptoms that patients can get pneumonia by fungal infection. If we have normal immune system, we do not get fungal lung infection.

What those people infected with Coronvirus happened was immune deficiency syndrome. They could not fight off everyday germs and fungus.

This Coronavirus also attacks organs especially lungs and kidneys. But it can also attack gatro organs such as stomach and intestines. The most damaging attack is on heart that can kill person right away.

As I told you many times, we might not prevent getting this virus unless you are quarantined yourself in your house until this Corona Pandemic is over. But we cannot do this because many of us have to work, even have to commute by crowded public transportation. We have to go grocery shopping at least.

Even we wear full protection with bodysuit, goggle and mask, still we have some chance to get infected. If we wear protective clothes and gear just like medical workers in Wuhan, China, police might be coming and arrest us for fear mongering and spreading fear.

What we have to do is preparing some stuff that can boost our immune system. I have already made some articles about antiviral spices and food. You can look up yourself for antiviral stuff on the net, too.

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